Acer Predator G9 793

Acer Predator G9 793

Up until today i have been editing my videos on a 8 year old I5 with 8g of ram. To do this i had to edit by looking at the sound waves of the clip as this was a true indication of when i started talking in the clip. The video couldn’t play which is why i couldn’t edit by just looking at the video.

Then i would export it once i was happy with what i had done, exporting a clip that had no colour correction would take approximately 2 – 3 hours, if the clip had any colour correction it would take 6 – 8 hours to export. Then i would watch the clip and take note of any errors i had made and then re edit the video again and then export again before finally uploading to youtube.

Here is my unboxing and initial thoughts

So not all youtubers are editing clips on a 1 week old MAC that is specked out. Most of us are doing this with no income, no sponsors, no free products, and no physical help, it’s all been done from our studies, bedrooms, living rooms.

Hence my purchase of the Predator 17, i wanted a slightly customisable Laptop that could do what i needed it to do, the I7 7700, 16g of Ram, 8GB video card and 128GB SSD make all of this a dream come true for me.

All hail the predator 17, This thing is heavy, yet it’s portable, this thing is noticeable, very noticeable, this thing is loud, not too loud though, this thing is fast, I thought i had made an error it exported that quickly.

The reason i got this is so i can edit 4k videos, if it can game intensively then it can edit 4k. The price is the other motivating factor motivating factor.

Also this thing looks good, Some hot swappable parts as well.

Now when you don’t buy or build a PC every day then unboxing and feeling and smelling this product was a awesome experience. I can assure you i felt like i was unboxing a premium product. I felt like a kid in lolly shop.

Turning it on and setting it up was easy. And i had a couple of updates waiting.

Some might say i have overkill for this, but hey my inner child is loving every second of it and i am a very happy camper.


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