The Chargeup Digital 4000 from Cygnett

The Chargeup Digital 4000 from Cygnett

This is a quick review of the Chargeup 4000 from Cygnett. This is a little ripper of a battery pack. Packaging is nice and simple yet unmistakingly Cygnett. Inside you have the battery pack and a small USB charging cable.

It has a Matte feel to it with red branding on the front, 1 digital indicator to tell you how much juice is left in it.

A red on and off button on the top A USB out port for plugging your cables into to charge other devices and a micro usb in port for charging the battery pack itself.

2 things that I love about this battery back

  1.  It’s sleek design and feel. It easily slides into your pocket or or compartment in your backpack or laptop bag. The matte feel to it adds grip and texture and gives it it’s own feel.
  2. The speed that it charged my devices although wasn’t blazing fast it was fast enough to be convenient and i would use it for my phones or gear fit2 pro or my bluetooth headphones.

It took 2% to charge my gear fit2 pro from 10% to 93%

If you’re looking for a cheap tech deal for xmas then this is a winner, i would recommend this product to anyone, i use it daily and have had no problems with it.

If you can get one for a good deal then snap it up.

Here is my video review if you want to see it.


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