Moto x 4 Review

Moto x 4 Review

Today is a hard day for me, it’s always a hard day when i review a motorola phone. Why because there is always sooo much good going on with motorola and its bare bones software and its innovation with different devices.

The problem we have with Motorola devices is determining whether those devices are worth it.

The Specs

The Motorola phones of today are a mishmash of specs that make it hard to figure out what phones are running what hardware and their doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

The Moto X4 is no different – so for entertainments sake we are looking at a Asian variant here which runs the following:

  • Snapdragon 630
  • Andreno 508
  • 4gigs of Ram
  • 64g of storage
  • 16 megapixel front facing cam
  • 12 and 8 megapixel rear cam with the wide angle being the 8 megapixel shooter
  • But we will cover the camera a little later.


The Moto x 4 is no different, it boasts an amazing display for a 1080p 5.2 inch display. Really bright and crisp looking in the right conditions. 425 pixel density. I could talk more about specs for the screen but at the end of the day it’s plenty bright and know one would be disappointed with the display.


Then we have the back of the display, man this thing looks good. Beautiful looking polished glass look. I don’t wanna case this thing up. I just love how nice the black model looks. The motorola logo is also nice looking and doesn’t take away from the device, What does take away from the device is old goggle eyes staring at me from the camera hump. What can i say it looks weird. However the metal frame sandwiched by the glass makes for a premium feel in the hand. Fingerprint scanner that is super reliable and super fast.


If i said to you Janky – what would you think. If someone told me it was Janky i would be cautious and would probably think twice about buying the moto x4. But guess what its almost Janky, so tread with caution here. Now my gripes with the camera are small but they are compelling.

  1.  its slow to open
  2.  it’s slow to capture
  3.  it doesn’t always rotate when i rotate my phone.
  4.  most photos are blown out if there is a major contrast between shadows and light. So point and shoot isn’t always possible because i need to adjust my camera to suit.

Low light then you get typical mid ranger low light photos.

In the right conditions however you can get some great photos, The features are fun to play with like wide angle, depth effect, Spot Colour, Pro Mode here is several examples of the great photos. Like most mid range cameras though the low light photos are not to crash hot.


Here is where i get excited. And the reasons are quite simple.

The only extras we get are

  • Moto actions
  • Moto voice
  • Moto Key
  • Moto Display

All these add something to the device, they make it easier to use, they make it so ou can get more from your device without having to handle it as much. I can speak to my phone and it does what i ask it. I can glance at my phone and it tells me what i need to know, i can access sites without having to remember passwords, This on top of a pretty standard stock android make it a dream to use software wise. I have had 1 random reboot while i was using youtube Studio.


  • 3000 mah battery
  • Consistent

I’m a heavy user and i consistently get 3.5 hours screen on time, sometimes i stretch it to over 4. I know there is some extremely lucky people who claim to be getting 6 hours screen on time but i can assure you it’s not me. I can get more if i don’t use the camera however if i use the camera heavily im looking at 3 hours screen on time.


To be honest the Motox4 is a great little phone, just like the moto g5plus is a great little phone. Would i suggest the moto x4 to you? Yes if you can get it for the price of a moto g5plus. The moto x4 in australia is 699, i picked it up with a hustle for 650. That’s about 500 USD. where you can get the g5plus for 300 for a very similar experience.

If you want a premium feeling and looking phone and want some fun camera effects then the motox4 is the one, if you aren’t to fussed by looks then buy the g5plus.


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