Galaxy Gear Fit2 Pro – Swimming

Galaxy Gear Fit2 Pro – Swimming  Review

Now in a recent video i was debating whether to upgrade to the gear fit2 pro, i was leaning towards not getting it. Well i don’t know why but i went against that sentiment and bought one.

Am i glad i did, now some would say it’s not worth it, you get some red paint, a buckle and lap counting, well that is an argument. And one i believed but let me tell you there is something nice about the gear fit2 pro. Especially when you are  a swimmer and you jump in the pool and all of a sudden you don’t have to keep track of your laps, Let me focus on the swimming aspect of the gear  fit 2 pro.

I can punch out 40 laps of a 50mt pool before work. Im a poor swimmer so i mix up my laps and do some breaststroke and some freestyle. The gear ft 2 pro knows when i am doing this.It knows when my laps are mixed or purely one style of swimming or another. It counts the time it takes me to get from one end of the pool to another and also tracks my.

One thing i want to point out on the swimming side is this 5atm doesn’t mean any watersport or water proof to any type of water activity. Its about pressure.

Basically every 10m of depth adds one atmosphere of pressure. To break that down a little bit more for you 50 metres of depth for 10 minutes or 10 cm for one hour. So now that is out of the way, let’s talk more about the swimming side of it.

I have used this almost daily for swimming for the last 2 weeks straight so you know i’m not full of it, you know i have tried and tested this before releasing this review. The first thing i need to get out of the way is that i’m a poor swimmer, i swim breaststroke and freestyle. When i do go swimming i do 40 laps of a 50 meter pool and i do it slowly, it takes me 1 hour. The galaxy gear fit2 pro has not missed a beat when tracking my swims. I assure you and here are some screenshots to show my activity recorded by the gear fit2 pro and synced over to Samsung health.

  • It tracks my laps, i set it to alert me every 4 laps
  • It tracks my distance
  • It tracks my calories burnt
  • It monitors my heart rate
  • It monitors my Swolf – which is confusing for me.
  • It measures my total strokes

It even knows when i’m doing freestyle or breastroke and also if my lap is mixed style, when i pre set the swimming parameters i get great results. It automatically locks my screen so the water cannot accidentally press the screen. Once i complete a milestone (again for me it’s every 4 laps) it triggers and tells me onscreen how many stats to that point. I can easily say that the gear fit2 pro has not missed a beat for me. 

I do not use the speedo app and personally think it is just bloat. I could be wrong here but i don’t see the point of having the speedo app and the Samsung health app. I have had to take a break from running due to an injured foot and my bike is in getting repaired so i have relied on my gear fit2 pro for swimming and setting goals and keeping track of my goals. 

I’m not sure what else you may want to track for swimming but for me as a ametuer it more than caters for my needs. I can safely say that bang for buck this is the best priced fitness tracker/smartwatch you can buy right now. Show me another one that does what the galaxy gear fit2 pro does for the same or better price and i will buy it. 

I dont need to say anything else.


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