Gear Fit2 Pro for Running

Gear Fit2 Pro Running Review

Now you know by now if your subscriber to my channel that I like to keep fit. I try to exercise at least 1 hour per day – 6 days a week. I cycle through 4 main types of exercise.

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Circuit Training

I know i don’t look like a fitness buff but i like to have a go and challenge myself. Today we are talking about running. When i’m not carrying an injury i like to run 15klm runs before work. I don’t know why but i get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I have however only been running for a year.

I use my Gear Fit2 Pro in a number of different ways for running.

The first being totally connected to my smartphone and pretty much using it as a device to show me my stats while i’m running. It does this really well. I should also mention that when i do this i also use runkeeper on the phone as well. Both S health on my wrist and runkeeper on my phone keep the same distance within 25 metres over 1klm. I have noticed that the watch interface does lag if i look at it during the run and the screen comes on then the data takes a couple of seconds to catch up. This isn’t a real issue just something to be aware off.

The second way i use the device is as a run tracker with no music and i leave my phone at home. The Samsung  health app with the gear fit2 pro work together to provide a wonderful experience. I still get all my stats on the wrist without the phone and the data syncs back to my phone upon my return from my run. The data is accurate and reliable.

The other way i use the gear fit2 pro is totally independent but also connected to my Bluetooth headset and streaming music whilst connected to gps services. This is totally awesome that i can do this and again all the stats seem to be accurate. Connecting to the Bluetooth is easy and transferring songs is also easy.This definitely drains the crap out of the battery though.

OH i should mention that when i say the device seems accurate i am only talking about the distance it measures, they are on par with google maps and also my car’s odometer. Even as a standalone device the tracking is very accurate.

In all occasions the gear fit2 pro tracks my distance, duration, calories burnt, heart rate, average speed, max speed, average pace and max pace and cadence.

I’m definitely surprised with the accuracy and the information provided by the device. If i had to recommend a device for running on a bang for buck experience and features like bluetooth connectivity, standalone gps tracking, offline music playback, and all the running features then i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the galaxy gear fit2 pro. This is an awesome device for tracking runs. As long as the GPS feature is turned on. If it’s not turned on the runs will be inaccurate by about 10 to 15% and obviously the further you run the worse this becomes.

S health is fine for tracking basic runs but has crap audio feedback for milestones etc and it also has crap programs for designing runs and doing training plans etc. That’s why i like to use runkeeper as well. But i could do without it.

All in all the gear fit2 pro is great for running and i recommend it as a complete package.


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