How to connect your Gear Fit2 Pro to a Bluetooth Device

This is another short “How To” blog for your brand new Gear Fit2 Pro. This is simple but can be confusing so follow my steps to easily pair the smartwatch to your bluetooth headphones.

  1. Now if you have already transferred some music to your watch then just press the play button and your watch will prompt you to “ Connect BT headset”. If you don’t have any music stored on your device yet then the first step is to go to your settings – connections – bluetooth – BT headset – then take up from step 2.
  2. Press the tick box
  3. Your Gear Fit2 Pro will then show you a list of available devices.
  4. If you cannot see your available device put your bluetooth headset into pairing mode
  5. Then the list should repopulate with the device in the list
  6. Click on your headset in the list from your Gear Fit2 Pro watch face
  7. Your gear fit2 pro will say “connecting”
  8. The connecting interface will disappear once you have connected

BAM your listening to music on the go from your Gear Fit2 Pro. It’s that easy. Here is a video from my Youtube Channel if you want to see it being done. I learn from seeing rather than being told as well.

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