How to install Pixel Launcher 3 Without Root

How to install Pixel Launcher 3.0 Without Root

We all love a bit of customization, heck that’s what makes android so awesome. That’s why we are so happy that more and more customization doesn’t require Root. Like the Pixel Launcher 3.0.

The pixel Launcher 3.0 adds the google feed to your homescreen with a swipe left. There are many other tweaks here and there without Root that come with the APK. But this article isn’t about the tweaks themselves.

This is a simple how to install it article.

  1. Tap on your settings an icon
  2. Tap on Lock screen and security
  3. Scroll to unknown sources and turn this feature on. This will enable you to install apps that are not in the playstore.
  4. Then click on the link at the bottom of this page
  5. Download the APK
  6. If not on your phone then copy the APK to the downloads folder on your phone.
  7. Go to your downloads folder on your phone
  8. Tap on the APK
  9. The App will install – Once completed Tap on the Home button
  10. At this stage you may be prompted to choose your default launcher – if this happens choose the pixel launcher
  11. If this doesn’t happen go to your settings
  12. Tap on Apps
  13. Tap on the menu button
  14. Tap on default apps
  15. Tap on Home screen Launcher

Baboom. Done

How to install pixel launcher Youtube Video

Enjoy Pixel Launcher without root.


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