The Nokia 8 – 6 Months Later

Nokia 8 review 6 months later

Last years device at a crazy price, an option for many if the high flying flagships are way out of reach. But can last years Nokia 8 pull that cash from your grubby little hands? That’s what i hope to find out in this review of the Nokia 8 1st gen.

We all watched Nokia run out of the gate last year with a handful of devices. Most of us remembered fondly the years gone by where Nokia ruled the world. They were the Samsung or Apple of yesteryear. With the nostalgia and hysteria wearing off, the dust settled and the Nokia 8 starting hitting consumers hands.

I gave it a miss when it first came out as the price was straight away to high for what they were asking. But now at less than 600 australian dollars we are looking at a bit of a bargain. So yes it’s here in my hands being reviewed and tested and reviewed and tested. I have to admit when i took it out of the box i was 100% amazed at the build. It looks incredible. The precision is evident in the feel in your hand, it feels like a slab of polished glass but it’s a slab of polished metal. It’s nicely curved to from back to front and is very easy to hold. Now these things don’t bother me but may bother you it’s not an edge to edge display, it has a forehead and a chin both considerable and it’s not waterproof, these issues don’t bother me at 580 bucks, what is slightly annoying is the home button and the fingerprint scanner, it works most of the time but is slightly fiddly to use because of its position and the fact it is long and slim. Apart from that the display is amazing and packs an amazing 554 PPI. It looks incredible to hold and to look at.

Currently i’m running android 8.1.0 and i love it for it’s bare android experience and for the speed at which the snapdragon 835 pushes through it with 4gb of ram.  The engine of the Nokia 8 and the software make day to day use amazing and the end user experience is sensational. Breeze through gaming, multimedia use or multi tasking and you will love this experience and the overall direction of the Nokia 8 and it’s software.

Battery life on the nokia 8 with android 8.1 has had to settle in but i get a days use out of it and have never been left short. I admit that at times i have not always pushed it like i do my s8+ however i am happy with the battery life. I get about 4 hours of screen on time.

Now are you ready for some Nokia sadness, some real tears here for me. The 2 things i bought the nokia 8 for were the software and the camera. Unfortunately the camera is only good in the best lighting conditions and on a tripod with no moving subjects in the viewfinder. I have kids, i take alot of photos. Every day consists of several photos being taken as a minimum. Sadly with the nokia 8 they are all crap and 95% have to be deleted because the autofocus cannot capture the image. I have tried and tried and tried to make this work and it will not. I have reached out to nokia to see if software updates are coming and it falls on deaf ears. To be honest as a customer i felt abandoned. Usually when a company ignores it’s customers it’s because they have no idea how to fix a problems and ignorance is the safest avenue to travel down. I have decided to keep the nokia 8 as my work phone, if i am going somewhere with the kids the Galaxy s8+ comes with me or my dslr.The nokia 8 at this stage becomes a paperweight.

Now that i have upset all the fanboys i’m done.

To some up the Nokia 8 i would says it’s the best phone you should never buy. Purely due to the camera and i would wait for tech reviewers to be honest about the 2nd gen of Nokia phones because they are to worried about not being sent free phones that they don’t tell the truth. Read or watch a review from someone who has purchased it with their own money. I couldn’t find a tech review that was honest about the Nokia 8’s camera in the original reviews.

So my verdict DO NOT BUY THE NOKIA 8.


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