Oppo R11s Full Review

Oppo R11s Full Review

Well the Oppo brand is alive and well especially in the Australian market where its low to mid range phones sit nicely in a landscape of 1500 dollar phones. Now some of their phones are missing some bells and whistles however they do not rule the phone out of the market. Today we look at some of the pros and Cons of the Oppo R11s.


This device is pretty snazzy. Especially if you look at the red colour, Whom my colleagues pointed out is pink. It’s red and loud thats for sure but it looks damn good. It’s a very thin feeling edvice and it is missing some weight that you would find in a Galaxy s8 or S9. it’s easy to hold and the buttons and fingerprint sensor are all nicely laid out and not hard to reach. I love the aluminum feel and the idea of gorilla glass is comforting. Antenna bands top and bottom The bottom sports the usb charging port, headphone jack and speaker. Overall a solid for the design.

Display is a 6 inch amoled gorilla glass 5 display with 401 PPI and the 18×9 aspect ratio. It looks great and performs well in any lighting conditions.

Performance and software

The performance of the oppo r11s is surprisingly good and the company proudly touts that it has optimised it’s software to work for 64 basic commands a user might give it. So simple tasks like opening messaging apps, opening emails opening the camera all open super fast and effortlessly and easily put touchwiz to shame across the basic commands. I have been very happy with the performance of the R11s. It unlocks quicker than any device i’ve ever owned and opens and closes apps easily. The 4GB of RaM AND 64gb of Storage and the snapdragon 660 all work well to provide a pretty seamless experience. From opening the camera, to zero camera shutter lag, to swiping through old apps everything worked quite well. One area i noticed a significant slowdown was scrolling through webpages or apps like facebook where the app had to continuously load new content when scrolling. This was my only real bug bear. The usual qwirks of Oppo were there with it being more apple than android but if you can embrace this you will be content.

Battery – battery is confusing and this is the reason why – The number of active sim cards can heavily change the way power is manager. 1 Sim, moderate usage 1,5 days use. 2 sims moderate usage 1 days use maximum. There was also a few days where is used it without a sim and i was charging in every 2 days. I would say battery life with 1 sim card is above average.

Quick Tip – You have to dig deep into battery settings to stop apps going to sleep when they are running in the background. Like runkeeper, it took me 3 days to figure out why my apps was crashing 3klm in to my 30 km bike ride. Because oppo had set it to automatically do so.


The Camera on the Oppo R11s is in my humble opinion the best you will get in this prove range. Bear in my The Iphone x is going to cost you 66% more.

Point and shoot mode – great – zero lag on the shutter. Press the camera app and bang it’s open. Pics are high in detail due to the higher megapixels. Colours are not oversaturated, maybe a little under saturated however i could pretty much take a photo and post it to social media knowing it was going to be “good enough” although i wasn’t going to win any photo comps with it.

Portrait mode i was really happy with here are some examples of this. As you can see the edge protection works well enough for phone use and the background is nicely blurred.

Low light

Video 4k

Video 1080p


Gaming on the Oppo R11s is not to bad, it also has its own built in gaming mode. This optimises the acceleration and smoothness. In reality though the games performed as well as on any other device, I played my usual favourites Leos fortune and Asphalt 8. No noticeable stutter or lag, The R11s handled what i threw at it.


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