Nokia 7 Plus – 3 Reasons to Buy

Nokia 7 Plus Top 3 reasons to buy

1 The software. The software for me is the best selling point, it’s fast, it’s smooth, is reliable. I have traditionally been a samsung guy for the last few years. Not any more, screw samsung and it’s bixby, it’s laggy software, it’s glitches. The Nokia 7 plus is on the android one program and every month i get the security patches and it is comforting. It can be a little boring if your a themer but for me it’s amazing. Kudos to Nokia for sticking to the bare bones android.

2 The battery. When i get home from a full days work, i’ve used the phone full on all day and had 3 hours of screen on time and i’m still at 50% well it’s time to celebrate. This is the best feeling. Summary of my day 1.5hours of runkeeper, 1.5 hours of youtube, casting netflix for at least 2 hours, facebook, instagram, email, whatsapp, bluetooth, location settings, wifi and data on all day. I can’t kill this thing in a day of use. The battery on this thing is amazing.

3 the build, The build of this device is good, really good. It’s a unibody 6000 series aluminum, it’s solid, it has copper, the edges are diamond cut and it boasts 6 layers of paint, it’s nice and cold to the hand. It’s slim enough for my size hands yet not too small for those with baseball mit sized hands. LCD display gorilla glass 3 on the front. It’s a solid piece of kit.

There are many other reasons why the Nokia 7 plus is an amazing device. These are the main killer features for me. The other areas are still great like the camera, the performance, the sound and the display however i cover these in my other videos. If you have 500 Aussie dollars on hold for a new device i would not recommend anything else.

I promise you my galaxy s8 plus doesn’t even get turned on anymore and that is due to the main 3 reasons discussed in this article.


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