Qualcomm 3100 and Beyond

Android is looking to the future with Qualcomm, Those of us that use smart watches rely on them more and more. Those of us that don’t still couldn’t care less. There may be many reasons for this including, the dorkiness factor, battery life, reliability, style factors, gender bias designs and so on.

This could be about to change with the new Qualcomm 3100 platform. This is supposedly going to be the saving grace for power consumption and enabling style to slip into the industry. Which is important as most smart watches have had to be huge and unsightly in a lot of cases. To be fair some smart watches have started to push the style factor a lot however the more style and substance a watch can offer the less features they seem to offer.

qualcomm image 2

So the new 3100 has been touted by Qualcomm as “Supports new ultra-low power system architecture for next generation smart watches”  This means more doing the same things for longer on a smaller footprint. This is a quad core A7 processor that while working with android wear will deliver better audio, display and sensor experiences. This will provide more colors, smoother display features, enhanced sport features allowing for ultra marathons, swimming longer, hiking longer whilst still providing enough power to measure the heart rate.

Currently if i use my smartwatch independently for a 15klm run and steps and heart rate is battery is done by the 5 hour mark.

So as i mentioned before, for those of us that care this new platform is going to be a massive step forward and enable us to look good whilst still obsessing over fitness and staying up to date with all our online activities. This may even be enough to bring over some new users who currently don’t care for the smartwatch world.

I can assure you i will be eagerly awaiting for the new devices with wear OS and the new snapdragon hardware to go with it.


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