Iphone Xs Top 3 Features

There are 100’s of reasons to buy a iPhone Xs or XS max however there are always a couple of standout features that make the user say WOW. Even for a die hard android user there are a couple of things that make the iPhone unmistakably awesome. The first is the design, the all round design including the in hand feel, the look, the color, i guess the whole package. It was apparent to me the moment i unboxed it how much this phone sets itself apart from others with its build quality. We are talking the glass, steel and glass sandwich with Gorilla Glass 6 front and back. The device is 5.8 inches in diameter and weighs 177 grams which offers a very sturdy and solid in hand feel due to the right mix of size and weight. It is 143.6mm tall 70.9mm wide and 7.7mm thick. All these little bits add together to make one of the best looking and feeling devices on the market.

The 2nd area to look at is the camera, this camera including its video performance is one of the best all rounders period. On the front facing camera we have a 7mp shooter with an aperture of f2.2 and HDR and can record video in 1080p at 60fps. These images are great and the main criticism has been the built in beauty mode that only 16 yr olds seem to like. On the back we are looking at two 12 megapixel cameras one wide angle at 26mm and one telephoto at 52mm. Both lenses have OIS and Phase detection auto focus. Now we can go on about specs for hours and talk gibberish but the average user wants to be able to tap on the camera app and get a great pic. For the most part this is what you will get. The rear cameras also offer some amazing video capabilities and can record 4k in 24, 30 and 60fps and 1080p in 30, 60, 120, and 240fps. This means awesome video and awesome pics. Now let’s be clear, these flagship phones are not close at this stage to replacing DSLRs and mirrorless set ups, not if you know what your doing, but if you don’t care about that you will be amazed at what tapping that camera app can produce.

Here is an affiliate link incase you want to drop some cash right now. https://amzn.to/2OWaEdk

Number 3 for me in my top features on the iPhone XS is the software, now it’s hard not to talk about the software and talk about the hardware at the same time. But with the new IOS we can say that it has improved the older models as well as the new one models. IOS 12 is smooth, fast and consistently good in all day to day operations. Now I’m sure we could push it to its limits but as an average user its a clean a refreshing experience. Please remember if you haven’t used the swipe software before you are in for some pain before you feel the pleasure. My goodness it was frustrating to start with but after an hour of solid use it became a pleasant experience and the transition to app switching to recording and editing video was everything i would want from an expensive device from apple.

So the Design, the Camera and the software are my pics for the top 3 features on the iPhone Xs.

Should you buy one, Yes. If you have the cash and your not already on a flagship that’s less than a year old. If your the latter and you still buy one you’re probably more obsessed with your image than you are with being sensible.


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