TP Link LB100

So i recently bought my first smart light bulb and after many hours of research with my finger hovering over the “buy now” button i decided to skip the expensive options and try out a simple $30 light bulb.

I went with TP link for 3 reasons:

  • It is a well known brand
  • It did not require a hub
  • It was cheap

I have to say it was a lot easier than i thought to set up. First thing first though i had to switch the light off then simply screw in the light bulb.  Download the KASA App and follow the simple steps to set it up. Even with a firmware update this was simple and painless.

You can fin Amazon Links here

Amazon US (and the rest of the world)

Amazon Australia

After this i paired it with my google home app and now have a couple of nice routines set up to automate my experience. I wake up at 5am and walk out to the lounge room and the light is on and it’s very dim, just the way i like it. At 9pm the light dims down to about 15% and at 11pm the light and TV turn off. That’s my way of making myself got to bed.

Will i be buying more TP link products? Certainly, I actually have the brighter full color option already in the cart.

So, the key benefits for me are:

  • The brand
  • The price
  • No hub
  • The simplicity
  • Easy pairing with Google Assistant
  • I can Dim it to my choice of brightness
  • Adding routines to my day for how i interact with my home

The only real downfall for me is that it isn’t very bright but that is a choice i made at the counter, not a fault of the product. This is why the next one i get will have more wattage and more colour options so i can go for that cool bright colour in the kitchen.


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