Galaxy Watch Swimming Review

Galaxy Watch Swimming Review

This is a review i haven’t enjoyed doing, however it’s necessary. The galaxy watch swimming review has been a journey. It started off with my Gear fit 2 pro dying, I loved that tracker and it tracked my swimming perfectly most times, like 99% of the time. It died and i bought a Fitbit Versa, it was terrible, not even worth reviewing. I took it back and got the Galaxy Gear Sport. Great smart watch, but it was 100% unreliable for swim tracking, everywhere i looked online there was similar complaints from loyal samsung users and Samsung completely ignoring all requests for help. I experienced the same problems and the same lack of support from Samsung. Every time i swam 40 laps of the 50 meter pool i was advised by the Gear Sport that i had done 70 to 80 laps, every time! I was so frustrated but luckily JB Hi-Fi let me return the device and and i bought the galaxy watch for 500 bucks.

All excited. I hit the pool, 10% out in the first swim, That’s cool, it is the first swim, it’s better than the gear sport I will see how it goes next time! Next Time 15% out, this aint cool, anxious yet still hopeful. 3rd swim 20% out. Reset the watch, that’s the answer, it has to be. 4th swim 40% out. And this is where i sit currently, 12 swims into my new watch and zero swims tracked accurately, not even remotely close. The watch tells me i have swam a 50 metre pool in 13 seconds, the world record is 21.30 seconds be Cesar Ceilo from Brazil in 2008. Don’t worry Cesar i did not break your record.

Seriously Samsung, seriously. During my last swim the galaxy watch shows me I broke the world record 6 times. While doing breaststroke. There is no reason for the watch to advise me i have started a new lap, i do not switch swimming styles mid lap, i do not stop mid lap. I do not do anything different. It just thinks randomly that i break world records. This also creates a problem with other swim data the watch is recording, IE the SWOLF data will be out due to the lap counting errors, the stroke count is also out now and the calories burnt will also be out, basically rendering all this info useless to you if you are serious about your swimming. Can I at anytime recommend the Galaxy Watch, NO.


Do yourself a favor and buy a stopwatch.

The 5 ATM water resistance is great, i do love that my tech is waterproof, however i spent 500 bucks so it could track my swimming. I, as a consumer of Samsung am exhausted by their lack of care and denial of the problems that are plaguing there smart watches.

This will be the last smartwatch I buy from Samsung. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t swim then this won’t bother you and the watch has many other good features, however if your buying it to track your swimming then look elsewhere.

I truly hope Samsung listens to all the feedback regarding the swim tracking problems their devices face.


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