Canon M50 top 5 accessories

Canon M50 Top 5 Accessories

SmallRig Cage for Canon EOS M50 2168

The first accessory I’m covering off is the SmallRig Cage for the Canon M50. Great for many reasons including:

  • Bulk, m50 was to small and I have small hands. This gives me more stabilization even for hand held photography.
  • Vlogging gives it options for accessories.
  • For filming you can add lights, mics, monitors etc.
  • I get access to all the ports, buttons, controls and the extra bulk I miss from my 700d

$95 bucks on amazon

SmallRig Top Handle with Cold Shoe 1638

This is for video work and if your going to pick up the cage you might as well pick up a top handle to go with it. Enables some hand held shots to be a little more stabilised. Also sports a cold shoe for more accessories.

$25 bucks on amazon

Lens Adapter and tripod mount EF-M to EF and EF-s lenses

This is a must for these reasons

  • Opens up you lense range from 5 lenses to 100 lenses and counting.
  • I sold my 700d and kept all my lenses thanks to this mount adapter.
  • Canon is about 120 bucks on amazon and there are some other third party ones that are even cheaper.

Tripod mount for the lens adapter

Next is the tripod mount for the mount adapter, this little mount splits the weight of the heavier lenses as a 70 to 300 hanging of the little mirrorless body is concerning. It also provides some room between the tripod plate and some of the bigger lenses like the 10 to 18mm wide angle lens.

Bought from canon was $80

Quick Release buckles for the camera strap

These quick release buckles for the canon M50 or any camera canon camera and an essential for me, When I’m shooting photography i like having the straps on as the straps and my arms make for a pretty stable shot. When I’m shooting video on a tripod the last thing i want is a camera strap flapping around in the wind. Just quickly unclip and your filming, then reclip for photography. It turns a 10 minute exercise into a 15 second exercise.

$12 on amazon

Spare batteries

Last on my list is just as important as any other on my list. Batteries, now I usually recommend sticking with brand accessories IE canon lens adapter for a canon camera. However i break the rule a bit with these batteries. I do however get a little less use out of the aftermarket battery.

I bought this in store as I was impatient however you can get them online cheaper.

$50 in store

$25 bucks online


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