Umidigi A3 Pro Review

The Umidigi A3 Pro is a small bundle of tech. This smartphone comes in at 150 aussie dollars on amazon and the cheap price tag brings it’s challenges but it’s not all bad and the phone will have a home somewhere in someone’s pocket. We just need to figure out if it’s in your pocket.
The components that make up this device are


  • Media Tech MT6739
  • 3GB Ram

  • 32GB Storage

  • 5.7″ Advanced In-cell Notch Display IPS 1440 x 720

  • 12MP+5MP Rear Camera, 8MP Selfie

  • 3300mAh

  • 147.2 x 70.2 x 8.5 mm, 187g

  • Triple Slots, Global Bands 2 x 4G and a micro SD Slot

Build and Design

Here we are looking at a really nice sized device that is very easy to handle one handed and really emphaises the fact that we have gotten dumb with large phone sizes. The Umidigi A3 Pro has a display with a resolution of 1440 x 720 and gives you 293 PPI. Metal sides, plastic back and 2.5d glass on the front. It looks great and feels good to hold, Yes it looks like an iphone. Build and Design for me are A1 and it comes with a case and a screen protector.


The A3 Pro is a low end chipset and is only sporting 3 GB of Ram so we need to consider all these factors when reviewing this. I set this phone up as my work phone and used it for emails, phone calls, sms, instagram, twitter, XDA, and some Youtube. It performed as required and got the job done as long as I didn’t ask to much from it. It coped well and kept up with the tasks, now was i using it for full on multi tasking and hardcore gaming, no. That wouldnt be fair to the device to expect it to do this. So for overall performance given the chipset, ram and price the device performed as expected.


The device is running a fairly stock flavour of android, which is good. It needs the basics to go with the low end hardware. There are a couple of device specific changes in the settings menu that I haven’t seen in other devices. The software performs ok but is optimised for a certain display size, putting it a the smallest display size created an uneven fit around the notch. The software is android 8.1 and is fairly behind on the security patches. Overall it is a pleasant experience and I can’t ask too much and need to remind myself that it’s a $150 phone. This is the phone you would buy if you only had $150. If you had 500 you would buy something else but for 150 this is the phone to consider.


The camera and it’s 12 and 5 megapixel cameras are what you expect for the price. This phone will capture still images in good light that turn out ok. If your subject is still and the light is good then you get an ok pic, I don’t think you would be buying this for the cameras abilities. However, if you were in a pinch and needed to grab and few snaps it would get it done and you could keep the images. It’s the same with Video, in good light you will capture a clip, it’s not going to win you any awards but will capture the memory. Again for $150 you ain’t getting much more but this is what you can expect.

Battery Life

This is a win win here, the battery is only 3300Mah but it’s not powering a massive engine, it’s not keeping a very bright/large screen going. If I use this as a workhorse to get me through emails, phone calls, social media and some light multi media then it works well and gets me through a full day. It’s a strong point of the phone.

General Use

The general use section of my review is where I look at how it performs overall through a typical day. The day starts with me going for a run and tracking this through fitness app like endomondo or otherwise, once home some light social media, Then it’s a 1 hour drive to work with a podcast playing on the way. Then for the next 8 to 10 hours it’s emails, phone calls, sms and some light social media throughout the day, 1 hour podcast on the way home, then youtube, social media and netflix until about 11pm or midnight. Then to bed phone goes on charge. For all of this the phone worked well and worked as it was supposed to. It’s not the fastest, it’s not the brightest, it’s not the best camera. It is however a smartphone solution for anyone with a 150 budget.


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