EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headset

EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headset.

Now the EasySMX Cool 2000 are a beastly looking pair of headphones and I mean this in a flattering way. These were sent to me by EasySMX to review. I love a good pair of headphones and usually wear a $299 pair of headphones with noise cancelling. So when i got the opportunity to review a pair of $25 headphones I was slightly skeptical, however there was no need to be.

The Cool 2000 headphones are comfortable despite their size, they offer TPU Leather cans, with plenty of room for those of you sporting ogre ears, I played several games for several hours and found them to be comfortable even after long periods of play, The headband on top makes them comfortable and offers about an inch between this and the top frame. I would say an ergonomic design is the goal here and one that is achieved.

For sound quality i’m quite surprised at the quality, the Cool 2000 are sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack so they can be used with almost any console. 50mm drivers are powering the sound and provide a fairly full and crisp experience. The gaming experience was immersive and enjoyable. I have also tried these for listening to my editing and the results are comparable. It always amazes me that we can be tricked into paying so much for items when a company like EasySMX can provide us with a headset like this at a fraction of the price.

To Top it off these are compatible with most consoles and desktops and come with all the required cables to make this compatibility possible. They are easy to use, it’s really as simple as plug and play, Then on the left can there is a LED switch to turn the LED lights on or off, a volume dial and a mic on/off switch.

To put it simply, I’m sitting here writing my review and I can only say I’m happy with the product. I really like the sound, comfort and ease of use. For the price these cans have been the surprise for 2019 for me. I love them. Happy Days.


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