EasySMX ESM-9101 Wireless Game Controller

EasySMX ESM-9101 Wireless Game Controller

So recently EasySMX contacted me and asked me to look at a couple of their products. Full disclosure they were sent to me for free. Number 1 item was the ESM-9101 Wireless Game Controllers. Now I have used this on my PC and pairing it was so quick I didn’t even realize that it had paired already, that’s how quick in paired to my PC (Acer Predator Gaming Laptop). Connecting to a Android Phone/Tablet required an USB Type C OTG Adapter which i didn’t have handy so i didn’t check this. Connecting to the PS3 was super easy just like my gaming laptop.

The controller itself is quite comfortable with some slight criss cross patterns on the hand grips that offer an extra bit of grip and other than that they have a smooth matte looking finish.The controller is of medium size and my small hands find it comfortable, if you are the owner of a baseball mitt sized hands then these may feel a little small.

The controller consists of 2 joysticks, a dpad, A,B,X,Y buttons and four buttons on the front known as LT & LB and RT & RB respectively, also a home button, back button, start button and a turbo button.

I find the buttons and joysticks are responsive, easy to use, suffer no lag that I could notice, tactile. The controller has a familiar design, is easy to use and doesn’t get awkward to hold. The only downfall for me with this controller is a minor one and that is that the vibration motor is a little sloppy, it’s not rattly but it’s not high end and I think a little attention here would go along way. .

Sporting a 600MAH battery the device has not let me down yet although is easy to charge with the supplied USB type C cable. Yes that right a device that won’t break the bank that carries USB Type C.

The EasySMX ESM-9101 Wireless Game Controller is a welcome addition to my house hold.


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