Baseus Enock s17

Baseus Enock S17

So as usual let’s get the specs out of the way. The Baseus S17’s offer

  • 6D stereo sound:
  • Baseus advanced CSR chip
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology,
  • Sweat & waterproof fully waterproof (Ipx7) protection for running in any weather conditions
  • 100mah battery

Design and Comfort

The S17’s are rated for rain and sweat proof water resistance. I would have to say for me running it didn’t rain, and never does here. But I certainly put them through the sweat test and they came through with flying colours. Running 10k in australia causes enough to say they had no issues. In the design front the Baseus s17 were light, comfortable and familiar. As for fitment this is always hard to judge as everyone’s ears are different and making an earplug that fits everyone can be tricky. For me the one ear had a perfect fit the whole time and the other would dislodge after about 2 minutes of running. However the ear hooks helped hold it in place. Tip to Baseus, wingtips would fix this issue. Over ear hooks are not rigid and are hardly noticeable, it does get a little crowded around the tops of my ears with the hooks, my sunglasses and a cap.

Bluetooth Headphones, Baseus Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 HD Stereo Headset Waterproof Sweatproof 7-10 Hrs Playback Noise Cancelling Headsets in-Ear Earbuds Sports for Running, Cycling, Workout, Gym

Battery Life

The 100mah battery is in my opinion amazing and i was getting more to the 10 hour battery life per charge. Now Baseus reps told me i would get 7-10 hours of play time, This is always a nice kicker as usually brands over estimate the battery life of their devices (cough cough samsung) Charging was quick and painless, just wish it was usb type C.


As for the bluetooth 5.0 connection i only had 1 drop out during my review period. With the Bluetooth 5.0 giving me a solid connection 99% of the time. Skip-free audio is always welcome, With a Transmission distance up to 33ft I did not have any issues.

Sound Quality

The sport earbuds produce richer bass stereo sound with reinforced clarity; Baseus claim to offer Dolby-quality surround and Stereo sound, enjoy music with Passionate highs and crisp-sounding lows. For me this was pretty close to reality. My pair wasn’t the clearest with the highs and were a little tinny at times but the mids were fairly rich and full and lows were right where they were supposed to be. Lets just keep the volume at about 75 percent or these all mush together. However Overall your getting more than 25 bucks worth of sound here. Sound is good, loud but good. I mainly listen to podcasts but the music I did listen to was clear and enjoyable across the highs, mids and lows. If anything a little bit off on the highs however the mids and lows were full and clear to my ear.

Overall for the price I would say yes, grab yourself or someone you know a cheap pair of headphones.



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