Moto G7 Full Review

Moto G7 Full Review

First impressions – yep this is a budget phone but it feels good for budget, A distinctively motorola feel to it, one that has been steadily built upon over the last 4 or so years. You can tell this is a mature line up. Lets get the specs out of the way first and set the tone for the rest of the review.

  • 6.2 inch lcd display
  • Gorilla glass 3
  • 403 PPI
  • 19:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Peek display and a dew drop notch
  • Android 9
  • Snapdragon 632
  • 4gb ram
  • 64g of sarage
  • 12 megapixel camera on the rear with a 5 megapixel depth sensor
  • Up to 4k video recording
  • 8 megapixel camera on the front
  • NFC
  • USB Type C

DESIGN, LOOK AND FEEL – With that out of the way i can say the device looks and feels good. Glass front and back with the motorola logo under the camera sporting a fingerprint scanner. The edges are not sharp and it’s not an overly wide device so holding it is comfortable despite the 6.2 inches of display. Navigating around the very top of the screen was a struggle at times but this was my only real negative spin on the design, look and feel of the device.

SOFTWARE – From here i will lead into the software, Android 9 Pie with some motorola goodness built in. The software for mind is a mature version of Android 9 pie and i say this because motorola has been working at this for a number of years and they learnt how to optimize the Android software for their world, i just wish the software updates were regular and predictable. If you compare Motorola software to Nokia you will see what I mean. The experience is smooth and motorola’s apps are awesome and include:

Moto Actions: Lift to unlock, Media controls, Three finger screenshot, One Button Nav, Quick capture, Fast flashlight, Swipe to shrink, Pick up to silence, Flip for Do Not Disturb

Moto Display: Attentive display, Quick actions, Battery meter, Display notifications, Music controls, Approach to show notification

These can be turned off easily and in my opinion add value.

Gaming and performance the moto g7 performed quite well despite it’s snapdragon 632 and 4 gb of ram. I played leos fortune, asphalt 9 and PUBG and it handled all of them as well as I expected. Put it this way, it handled them and I enjoyed the experience. For multi tasking it did what I asked of it, i was switching between apps, copying and pasting between apps, using ot for social media, email, sms, maybe 2 or 3 phone calls, consuming content and some photography and it did not stutter at anything and performed in a way that i was happy. Is it going to benchmark like a galaxy note 9? No! Is it going to perform like a oneplus 7 pro? No! Is it going to get the job done? Yes!

CAMERA – the camera is probably the biggest let down here, my full camera review can be found in the link below however to sum it up, The interface was easy to navigate and it had some fun yet not useful gimmicky features like cut out mode and color spot mode. It performed well in good light, alot of pics were over sharpened upon inspection as was some of the video. In low light it was below average especially for video. The 1080p video was good enough in good light. The camera lacked dynamic range and pics were a little on the warm side. Look in good light it’s ok. It will do the trick and for the price I don’t expect more. This is half the price of the google pixel 3a.

BATTERY LIFE This is another surprise area for me with the Moto G7, I found it hard to kill the device, As mentioned in earlier the device was used as a daily driver. Social Media, emails, sms, whats app, phone calls, some gaming, consuming media IE youtube, netflix, red bull tv and i rarely needed to charge a second time through the day. This is all from a 3000mah battery. Turbo charging is included but i didn’t require, some of you will and it offers 9 hours of use of 15 minutes of charge.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE – Overall this is a great device for those with a small budget, I would say one of the best you can get in this price range, Your getting a familiar device from a reputable company, Great software, great battery life, a slick design, an ok camera and all for a great price especially for the discounts currently on offer on the Moto G7 all over the globe.


  • Software
  • Battery life
  • Performance


  • Camera
  • PPI for the size
  • Software updates are unpredictable

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