UltraMintt Y3 Full Review


  • 20MP and 16MP Sony Cameras and a 5MP Samsung
  • 24 megapixel front Camera
  • Helios P60
  • Android 9 pie
  • 64g storage
  • 4g ram
  • Glass front and back
  • 6.3 inch HD Display

Build and Design

The UltraMintt Y3 is one of those phones that looks like it costs a lot more than it does. It sports glass on the back and gorilla glass on the front. The colour that comes of the Amethyst is mesmerising with it’s fin like shapes in the color as the light hits it it changes it’s look. Even though the display is 6.3 inches it feels smaller and is very comfortable to hold. I love the size and form of the Ultrmintt Y3.


I was skeptical at first of the Helios P60 as it’s not the latest and greatest. It’s not known as bad either so it was an unknown quantity. I can say though that it does what I ask it to do and rarely struggled. I could tell it’s not the fastest chip however it is more than capable and scrolling through apps and web pages was not an issue. Light gaming, multi media use and day to day use all proved achievable on the P60 and the 4gigs of Ram helped keep it rolling.


Happy days here, the stock flavour of android is nice and refreshing and has a couple of tweaks that make it unique but not to much it becomes overbearing. Currently on july security patch and running android pie 9. I have been advised it will update to android 10 and I’m looking forwards to this. No timeframe on this either. It is immature but this is expected given the youth of the company and it will mature over time. There are a few extra options available and I find it pleasant to use.


Battery life

Battery is awesome. 4050 mAh battery powering the low consumption p60. I got roughly 2 days use out of each charge and i am a heavy user. A typical day consisted of email, social media, gps for running, phones calls, sms, youtube, podcasts, google music, netflix and some light gaming. This still got me through 2 days, you won’t be disappointed here.


The camera presents some quality photos and is punching above it’s pay bracket. 2 sony sensors and a samsung sensor for great low light performance. When shooting ion daylight i got some great pics and decent video. Not only did I get great pics for 400 bucks but i also got a snappy interface and no lag shutter. If you know my reviews you know i think a fast shutter is a must. Dynamic Range is solid and the colours are true to life and not overly saturated. It also has a night mode that i think is fine as long as you have a steady hand. Video work well and will capture the moment like any other mid rangers.

Gaming & Media

In my usual gaming testing i played PubG – medium graphics settings, Leos Fortune and Asphalt 9 and the phone had no issue playing these and my experience was great. If I switched it up to high graphics settings it started to lag a bit but I found no real difference or need to play the games in high graphics mode. Media was fine, Youtube, Redbull TV, netflix all were fine. Did not suffer any issues while streaming content.


  • Camera
  • Battery Life
  • Software
  • Price


  • Speed – A newer snapdragon chip is probably needed here.
  • Software nuances IE auto screen brightness, changing wallpaper – sometimes didn’t stick.
  • Video quality – isn’t horrendous but could be a little better and have a couple of more features.

Overall Experience

This is a nice device to own for 500 bucks, it’s above your bottom end Huawei and Oppo devices yet still holds its own in most areas.


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