Amazon Echo Link Amp

Amazon Link Amp

So most of us have been trying to figure out smart speakers and what sounds good and what doesn’t. What works best and what doesn’t. Cough Cough bixby. Well recently i got to try out the Amazon Link Amp. I’m stuck in 2 very weird worlds. One, This is so much better than a smart speaker, 2 this is really crap if it’s aimed at audiophiles.

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Let me start from my initial thoughts. What, why, how, who???

Agh ok, i hook this up to my old speakers and it makes them smart and makes them sound good. Yeah, ok i get it. Well i’m off to dig out my old speakers from the shed. Hence my old logitech speakers get a second chance at life.

Unwrapping the Amp was easy enough. One unit, one cable. I thought they might have thrown i some cables for connecting to your speakers. Back to the shed. There are some in there i know it.


Ok back from the shed, connect the speakers, plug in the amp, turn it on. Connect to Amazon. Start playing music. This is all pretty simole even for a dumb ass like me.

Now “disclosure” you do need an Amazon or other streaming account to make this work/fun.

Now back to my statement about being so much better than a smart speaker. I have been using a smart display and Google Home minis and an Echo dot third gen. And headphones. That’s it from about 2005 Yep i think that was the last time I had a decent speaker set up. So if you have a old pair of speakers that went in the back shed with all your cd’s then dig them out baby they gunna sound great again. I really do enjoy that, but and it’s a big but. If you don’t have any speakers then your going to have to buy some and the amp a;ready cost you close to 500 smackaroonies. Holy shit batman. Add that to your monthly music subscription.

Design is minimal and looks pretty sleek yet its tempting itself to be called boring. 1 Shiny knob, the top has a thousand holes in it, the back has several connection points (but not enough) and the bottom has 4 feets with rubber mats to keep it steady and dampen any rocking or vibrations.


Now if i put this aside and look at it from the Audiophile point of view, yes your gunna have some great speakers set up already, your gunna have a music collection no one will ever take from you. Your gunna have a set up that makes deaf people say “holy shit” that’s awesome. So why you gunna add a 300 dollar amp to the collection for 500 bucks. Your not or of you do your going to be disappointed.

So my conclusion is if you have speakers and can get it for 300 bucks then yep do it. If you need speakers or you already have an audio set up with great sound then give it a miss and if your an audiophile you probably stopped watching this about 5 minutes ago.


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