Bluedio T elf 2

The Bluedio T elf 2 are a very budget pair of True Wireless Earphones. Bluedio has been around for a while now, pushing the envelope on cheap audio solutions. This is no exception.

BUILD – The Wireless earphones are made from ABS Material which is a soft cheap plastic known for being easy to machine. This also makes them very light, i mean very light. I can barely notice them while carrying them in my hand and they never left me feeling uncomfortable due to weight or size. The earplugs are made of silicone. The website also says they are waterproof but it doesn’t mention what level of waterproof and i do not believe they are waterproof. The case is also made of plastic and has some branding on the front. I do like that they are usb type c. There are alot of headphones in this price range that are still old school usb. YEP I’m calling micro USB “old Skool”.

CONNECTING AND FUNCTIONS The case holds 650mAh of charge but there is also no sign of what charge the earphones hold. However they boast 5 to 6 charges per case charge. For me i had about 4 hours of charge per case and this is just listening to music, podcasts and watching youtube/netflix/whatever else. Pairing the headset was easy, definitely a nice experience.

  1. Turn of Bluetooth on your phone
  2. Open the case so the head phones enter pairing mode
  3. Search on your phone for the headphones and connect

It’s that easy. Then each time you open the case they will automatically connect to your paired phone.

The T Elf 2 do sport touch controls and for the most part work pretty well except they don’t match what’s on the website.

  • One tap for pause/play/answer/hang up
  • 2 taps to increase/decrease volume (works sometimes)
  • 3 taps on the right one – skip forwards 1 song
  • 3 taps on the left one – skip back a song
  • Hold your finger on the touch control – activates your prefered assistant.

This is a consistent experience. And one you will encounter as well.

And they sport bluetooth 5.0. Now a disappointment for me has been the connection issues. If I sit still on the couch they stay connected flawlessly. However if i’m walking around with the phone in my pocket and playing music i get very annoying 1 second glitches in the sound and as you can see a glitch is annoying as F$%K a flaw i would say they need to fix asap.

SOUND – The earpieces hold one 6mm driver each and fit snugly in my ears. I have used these to listen to music, game watch media like youtube/netflix etc. For music I really enjoyed the experience. Now they are the best in the world but they are 30 bucks. But they hold their own at this price point for music. Highs get a bit tinny lows and mids are fairly well represented. One area I’m impressed with is that the max volume is not too loud. I hate a cheap pair of headphones that aim for loudness at the cost of my hearing and better sound. This is a good thing and shows a tad more maturity in Bluedios position.

Gaming and Visual media consumption were the same for sound but unfortunately there is a lag between what’s being said and when it hits my ears. It’s just enough to slightly bug the shit out of you. So if you can handle that then happy days, i could handle it but yeah it bugged me.

Audio calls, for me i found no problem with the audio when calling people, it was clear and not harsh on the hearing. There was some noise leak from the outside, not alot but enough for me to notice it. Again this is a 30 buck price point, certainly not noise cancelling territory. Others also reported that I sounded clear but distant when talking on the T Elf 2’s.


  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • True Wireless
  • Touch Controls
  • Easy Pairing


  • Lag
  • Connection issues
  • Battery usage was inconsistent

Would i recommend them YES. why not. At this price someone will enjoy them and be happy with them.


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