5 Tips for Smartphone Photography

Top 5 smartphone photography tips – Oppo.

Turn on your grid lines. Rule of thirds. These simple lines help you craft your composition and also get your images level. With these lines you want to try and get your hard lines or leading lines or points of focus to roughly follow or be inline with the guidelines. It will make most of your photos better. This is a rule to be broken as well. I will demonstrate.

Photo on the right looks flat and aimless, photo on the right follows the pathways and trees along the grid-lines giving the photo depth.

Don’t use digital zoom. It’s horrendous and wrecks your photos. I do not care what you think. it’s horrendous. Zoom with your feet. Let’s look at this flower for example. If I take the photo up close I get great detail and I can Frame the photo better and get a blurry background. If I zoom digitally it looks grainy and the blurry background is a mess.

These to photos were taken seconds apart, The photo on the left i got right in close to the subject. Photo on the right i sat back. The different methods are worlds apart. by zooming with my feet i get a blurry background, better exposure, more detail. The digital zoom below looks terrible.

Use your focus. Make sure you select the subject you want to focus on. Smartphones are great at capturing the whole image in focus but this doesn’t mean it’s a good photo and your subject can get lost in the photo. So tap on the subject to focus on it or use manual focus.

Get out of your shoulder height shots. Some pics look amazing from ground level or from a higher vantage point. You want your photo to look different from the other 5 million photos taken at shoulder height. Here are 2 photos taken of the same subject. All taken at different angles. Change things up.

Edit your photos. Most photos that look “amazing” have been edited and photos have been edited for decades. It’s not cheating and can really add some extra pop to your pics. A great free editing tool is Snapseed. But there are millions of free photo editing apps out there. Here is an unedited and edited photo for comparison.

So there you 5 great tips for taking your smartphone photography to the next level. I hope this helps you and if it does share this video with others who may find it useful.


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