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Nokia 6.2

So the Nokia brand has been taking some hits lately. Especially in the share market and 5g Arena. I’m hoping that this isn’t another looking end of the line for Nokia. But maybe i’m jumping the gun here.

The Nokia 6.2 is another phone from Nokia that looks and feels like a modern Nokia phone. In shape, look and feel this is a Nokia phone. But i can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed here. Let’s explore my review a little more.

Design and Build

The build of the Nokia 6.2 is a little lacklustre, we are talking a plastic frame and Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back. It also has a nano coating to protect it a little more. It feels light for a Nokia phone. The bottom has a usb type c, speaker and a microphone and the top has a headphone jack and another microphone. 2 things I really like about the build and design is the assistant button, not having to say ok g all the time is refreshing. The 2nd thing I really like is the notification light in the power button this looks nice and is not intrusive or annoying. The back also has a fingerprint scanner. The Display is a 6.3 inch IPS LCD Display and sports 400ppi across a 19:9 aspect ratio with the so called pixelworks visual processor. It comes it at 180grams

Software & Performance

Software on Nokia always holds a little uncertainty. I remember with the Nokia 8.1 not being able to remove the notch. The Nokia 6.2 has been released with Android 9 Pie. Why? Who knows why. But it’s stock android and I expected Android 10. I have to say it is also slow. With the snapdragon 636 and 4 gb of ram i am a little confused as to why it is so slow to react to simple taps on the screen. Opening apps can be slow and clucky. I mean 2 seconds for an app to open, this might seem picky but in today’s world it should be quicker. Even at this price point. Maybe it’s optimized for battery life (more on this later) or maybe they just didn’t care. The fingerprint scanner and the face unlock are super slow and need fixing. Software updates and optimization are really needed here if the Nokia 6.2 is going to get any credibility. Since this review there was a major update, the phone performs a lot better now. I’m concerned it was released in such a bad way to start with. However for now it performs like it should, smooth software, snappy within reason (it’s not a flagship) and not frustratingly slow.

Moving into performance, here the foundation has been set in the previous paragraph. For opening apps this can be a slow and frustrating experience. Once an app is open it is not a bad experience with a lot less hiccups. Gaming is possible especially on low graphics and still becomes slightly annoying if things heat up in say pubg mobile, asphalt 9 performed fine and less intense games performed well. But let’s be clear this is not a gaming phone.


Let me be frank, the camera on the Nokia 6.2 is light years behind the Oppos and Huaweis in the same price range. I don’t know what Nokia is doing these days. But it’s not working on their cameras! The pics in daylight are usable but disappointing for me, they will get the job done but there are better cameras at this price point, pics appear digital and are only good for sharing on basic social media apps as they reduce image quality anyway. The camera app has all the functions and options you would want, timelapse, slo motion, Pano, Portrait and Night mode. But they all suck. There is also a pro mode and a very wide angle lens that is incredibly wide. But that too is crap. The Video is up to 4k with a variable frame rate and looks very digital. It works, it captures video but it’s not the best and again you get a lot better results from your Oppo or Huawei phones.

Battery Life

I honestly believe this is one of the better areas of the Nokia 6.2. I have monitored the charging and go from 20% to 100 percent in about 80 minutes, so around 1% per minute is my results for charging and i would get 2 days use on average battery usage. This is not a phone for the power user though due to the software and performance so the battery should last. I have even gone into the settings to remove battery optimisation because i would rather performance for a day than battery for 2 days. The battery life is steller. 3500mAh


  • Look and Feel
  • Battery Life


  • Performance
  • Camera

Would I recommend the Nokia 6.2. If you want security updates for 3 years and good battery life then yes i would recommend it. If you need reliable software and performance then hell no. Get something else. Lets not forget this is a 400 phone in australia. Probalt 300 in the U.S so it’s not a flagship. But I did expect more.


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