Reolink Argus PT

Reolink Argus PT

The key specs are as follows

  • Up to 1080p video at 15 fps maximum
  • Speaker and microphone
  • 355 degree horizontal coverage and 140 degree vertical coverage
  • 6 x zoom
  • 6500mAh battery with solar panel
  • 2.4GHz wifi
  • IP64
  • PIR motion sensor
  • 105 degree viewing angle
  • 2 way audio
  • Siren

There are alot more specs however these are the main points of interest.

Design The design of the Argus PT is a bold design, it’s not trying to be petite and streamlined. It’s beefy and looks like a security camera. Once set up it is an easy screw/unscrew of the camera to take it down. Made of plastic with water resistance factored into the design it is evident in the rubber seals for the power button and the solar connection point. It has the tell tale branding and colors of all Reolink cameras.

Ease of Use Setting up the camera on the home wifi was easy, complete with voice prompts and instructions coming directly from the camera, and the video for how to do that can be found here It’s super easy to follow. Once set up it was a matter of choosing the spot and screwing in 2 screws for the camera and 3 for the solar panel. Using the app is very easy to follow and is self explanatory with the exception of 1 or 2 items. 1 of these being where to access the recordings on the sd card and can I access them via the app. The answer was yes but this wasn’t very clear. I have a 32GB SD card in there so that should record a tonne of footage before it starts to record over itself.

Overall the app is easy to understand and easy to navigate. You can also access the footage from your PC whether it’s windows or Mac via the reo link client. The information is also saved to the reolink cloud which is easily accessible from your smart device. The Reolink cloud offers a free and paid service. I at this stage have chosen the free version. Now i do have the reolink camera hooked up to my google home but i cannot get the camera to stream on any smart display. I just cannot achieve it. I can access it from my phone any time day or night.

Security From a security point of view the features on offer are

  • PIR motion sensor – with notifications.
  • 2 way audio – Yell at the kids or scare off an intruder.
  • Siren – scare of a intruder
  • Privacy Mask – added privacy for the owner/operator of the camera,

All these features work well and are easy to navigate. The passive infrared sensor PIR works great. I do not get false notifications and enjoy peace of mind knowing it is recording the clips correctly.

Standout features I can easily say that the Reolink cameras offer value. For me the standout features are using the solar panel. Mine literally hasn’t dropped under 100% charge since I put it up. It’s the real deal. The Reolink PC Client is a feature that a lot of companies don’t offer and it may not be necessary in this age of the cloud however I do find value in it, i can access the footage, download it and share it. It’s just been easy for me, easy to install, easy to set up, easy to use. The Reolink won’t break the bank either.

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