Realme Buds Q

Realme Buds Q

Cheaper buds are a dime a dozen these days, but i’m always on the lookout for a good air of buds that don’t break the bank. Which is why I was happy to take a look at the realme buds q. thumbnail 1This is a $79 pair of TWS earbuds from realme with some nice features and design.

Firstly I want to talk about design, these look and feel great and wear very well. I have been wearing these for about a week and the comfort is on another level, this is due to the weight or lack thereof. The realme buds q are coming in at less than the weight of a piece of paper at 3.6 grams. So for me long periods of listening was not an issue. They are well shaped and the design is stylish and comfortable to wear. Jose Levy is a well known designer and he had a big part in the design of these earbuds. You can tell it hasn’t been a “whatever works” approach.MVI_5886.MP4.00_00_15_23.Still001

Setting up and use has been very easy with the realme link app. Open the buds, activate pairing mode by pressing on each bud for 5 seconds and boom they are paired almost instantly. Once you’re connected you can tap on the realme link app and customise how the buds respond to taps. I have set up mine to double tap to play pause, triple tap to skip a song, and hold to summon your assistant. Accuracy was up to me in terms of tapping in the right place but the ear buds did what I told them to do through my actions.

Moving on from here I want to look at battery life. The realme buds come in at a quoted 20hours of battery life. I believe these are fair amounts and are tested at 50% volume. I am the sort of city user who usually comes home and charges something after use. It’s a 400Mah case and each bud comes in at 40Mah. My testing shows that the 20hours is within range.Thumbnail 2

Sound – Sound is subjective for all of us, how good or bad is your hearing and what frequencies do you hear less or more than others? But, there are some norms that we are or are not prepared to accept and the realme buds q are acceptable. They boast a dynamic bass boost driver that is a 10mm driver and really emphasise the bass across music and if RnB and Pop are your style then you are going to love the realme buds. The buds offer tolerable highs, great sounding mids and some beefy bass. The realme buds are very loud andare missing a “warning” point. I don’t think this will upset many users but it is worth noting as the volume levels are quite loud and 100% volume is too loud for me.Intro B Roll.00_00_02_20.Still001

In call sound is good remembering that they are not active noise cancelling. I could hear the other person fine and the other users reported they could hear me ok as long as other background noises are not overpowering.

General use – These do not have wingtips and therefore do not stay in for running for more than 100 meters. They do however stay in for basic gym workouts where you’re just pumping iron or cycling. But anything with constant vigorous movement they will fall out. These are great for commuting, wearing in the office, chilling at home watching some media or gaming. I did get the odd drop out whilst walking for exercise.

The gaming aspect is definitely one of the most exciting parts with only 119ms at play giving very little latency for a pair of earbuds.

The overall impression of the realme buds q is a positive one and they are a low to mid range pair of earbuds that won’t let you down. These are easy to wear thanks to their design, fun to listen to thanks to their new chip and dynamic drivers. Offer a great gaming experience and have a design that speaks for itself. Whether you’re already a part of the realme ecosystem or not the Realme buds q can find a spot in your tech bag.


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