Ticwatch GTX

Ticwatch GTX

The Ticwatch GTX first Impressions are surprising for the price. I was expecting a lot less. For $60 bucks US you get a sizable watch coming in at 240 PPI, a metal frame and a couple of beefy buttons that are very tactile. The strap is made of plastic with a metal clasp and the plastic is fairly rigid compared to the competition. Overall I’d say the watch has a blokey look and feel to it.

Upon set up i was directed to the chinese App but i recommend you avoid this and go straight to the play store. This may not be an issue depending on your region and language preferences. Once I downloaded the right app, setting it up was an easy process to follow and shouldnt provide any challenges. The connection is fast with Bluetooth 5.0

The watch and associated software boast the ability to track 14 different exercises. A surprise inclusion is swim tracking however there are some odd exclusions like walking. To couple with the exercise tracking we also get a 24hr heart rate monitor and sleep tracking. Quick Tip – make sure it is connected to your phone properly before starting an exercise otherwise it will just say ZERO at the end. I learnt this on my first run.

Accuracy – This is the truth guys, you know I want to give everyone a chance. I want to be fair but simply the Ticwatch GTX has Zero accuracy. Zero. I went for a 10klm run and it didn’t track any of it. Now I’m a fair person so I deleted that run from my video review and thought surely it must be me and I haven’t given it the right settings. Bla bla bla. I triple checked my settings and went out the next day and completed a 5klm run. Yet again it tracked none of it. None. After my 5klm run I walked home 1klm. It didn’t track those steps either.

I got home and rebooted my phone and went for a 10klm bike ride. Not a big ride but a test ride if you will. Guess what. It tracked nothing. Not a metre, not a second, not a heart beat and not a single burnt calorie. Then at midday I went for a 1.5klm walk and the ticwatch tracked all of it. This was so surprising but i have to include it in my review to be fair.

Swim tracking was the only exercise where the watch did any tracking but it was still off by a country mile. For example it took me 28 minutes to swim 20 laps of an olympic pool yet the watch told me I did it in 21 minutes. There was no accuracy here and I cannot under any circumstances let this be a watch I recommend to anyone. Way too much miss and not enough hit for my liking.

So i guess you know what i’m going to say. Do not for one second waste your money on the ticwatch gtx. It’s just horrendous. I think with reliable software it could be amazing for the price but it is so bad i just cannot recommend it. Some cheaper and better offerings are the Honor Band 5 or the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Or if you want to lash out on a few more bucks look at the realme watch.

Sorry Mobvoi you lost this one.


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