Realme Watch

Realme Watch

The world is getting full of smart watches, some offer style, some offer fitness and some offer a mixture. Some are a thousand bucks, some are 50 bucks. The Realme Watch is only just setting its sights on the market. This doesn’t mean it’s not holding its own. I’m a pretty active guy and I enjoy many outdoor physical activities. The main ones I do are running, cycling, swimming, walking and body weight workouts. Today we discuss how it performs in these areas.

The build is a nice smooth plastic that has no hard edges and is easy to wear. It is light and comfortable to wear with a familiar look. One button flirts with the right hand side and a light silicone strap wraps itself around your wrist with no metal watch clip but a punch hole design. The straps are interchangeable and offer 4 colours in total, Black, Red, Green and Blue.

While running i did enjoy being able to look down at the 3.5cm display to see where my heart, distance and other metrics were at any given time. Curved Gorilla glass and 323 PPI made it easy to see and track my workouts. I was also fond of the square design and one button on the side to assist with navigation. Gestures is the other form of input on the Realme Watch to help navigate the software.

  • Swipe up to get to your menu
  • Swipe left or right to get to your activity metrics
  • Swipe down to see your notifications

The Realme Watch is IP68 which is great for not having to worry while out doing sport and it starts raining. At this stage the Realme Watch cannot support swim tracking. Speaking of metrics to measure the watch can track 14 different sports modes. Running, cycling, walking, strength training, yoga, cricket, soccer and so on. With the sports I do the most it was fairly accurate. When I ran and compared it to my galaxy watch it measured the same distance as the galaxy watch. Heart rate and pace were also consistent.

Consistency is what you want with a smart watch, they are never going to be 100% accurate and you wouldn’t now if they were or weren’t. So when i noticed the consistent reading coming front he Realme Watch i was content with what i was seeing. It offered the same consistency as the Galaxy Watch but at 70% the price. I was getting warning notifications if my heart rate got too high, usually at the top of a hill on a 10klm run. I also used it to monitor my blood oxygen levels to make sure they stay between 95%and 100%. I also liked using it to monitor my sleep and again I was getting consistent readings night in night out and it was reliable. I never did figure out how to tell if the reading for sleep was accurate, not on any smartwatch to date.

Some other cool features were

  • Using it to use trigger the shutter on the camera
  • Skipping music tracks from the watch
  • Switching between the 12 watchfaces – my favorite was the old school looking “tech Trendsetter” watch face as it reminded me of the old sanyo watches from days gone by.
  • Getting notifications on the watch from facebook, whats app, messenger, tiktok, gmail and twitter to name a few
  • My two most used features were drink water reminders and getting the weather forecast.

As a first real dive into the smart watch world the Realme Watch is making a statement and if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced but not tacky smart watch then take a look at the realme Watch


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