The realme 7 Pro

The realme 7 Pro- My world is constantly being challenged when it comes to price to performance of smartphones. Phones like the realme 7 pro are the reason for this. We all know specs don’t mean everything but paired with other key factors specs then become very important.

The realme 7 pro is currently ripping

  • Snapdragon 720
  • Andreno 618
  • 8gb ram
  • 128 gb storage
  • 65 watt dart charging
  • 64 megapixel quad camera by Sony
  • 32mp front facing selfie camera
  • Dual stereo speakers

Build and Design – 6.4 inch snug in hand feel, I like how they have punched in 6.4 inches of amoled display, amazing front facing speakers, gorilla glass 3 and the plastic back doesn’t look like plastic. It actually feels great to hold. It’s a little bit on the thicker side compared to some but it doesn’t not detract from the real world use. 3.5mm headphone jack to make it an allrounder.

Software and Performance – The realme 7 Pro comes in with android on realme version 1, given the age of realme i’m not expecting the most software updates but the current delivery is well balanced between performance and battery life. It is fluid and stable with no restarts, minimal lag and the ability to hold about 6 apps in the background at a time. It’s also great for gaming, even if you put heavy games on medium graphic settings you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Great customisation options as well through the added theme store.

Camera – 64 megapixel main shooter that performs really well in good to average light and saturation is slightly overdone however most people prefer this. The 8megapixel camera comes in at 118 degree field of view. It also sports a black and white portrait lens and a macro lens. The camera performs really well. Low light we start to see the usual weaknesses we see across the price point from all manufacturers. Video is great as well and sports 4k video and 1080p 120fps. Front facing camera is sufficient for selfies and video for the phone camera roll. The realme 7 Pro has you covered across the cameras.

Check out my video link at the bottom of the page for camera samples and video samples. 

Battery – This is an area of the realme 7 Pro that really is above the competition. Now day to day use is amazing, always getting through a full day with heavy use, i believe you can get up to 4 days use here. I could get 2 days no problems. However if you get a flat and need a quick charge you can go from 0% to 100% in 34 minutes or a massive 42% charge on 10 minutes.

Some other key features that should not be scoffed at are a superfast facial recognition, in display fingerprint scanner, bluetooth 5.1, USB type C, Dual sim, and Dual Stereo Speakers.

For me the realme 7 pro is a ball tearer of a phone, it is currently my daily driver at time of writing and will stay so for a while. With most manufacturers hitting peak phone a year or so ago it’s nice to strike a balance between performance, price and design.


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