Oppo Enco W51 Review

The Oppo Enco W51 earbuds are are a great little pair of earbuds with several features that bring value to the consumer.

Key Specs are

  • Qi Wireless charging
  • Active noise cancelling
  • IP54 Dust resistance
  • 530mAh total battery use

W51 Thumbnail 5

The Enco W51 are a stylish looking headphone that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The familiar looking neck hangs down about 1 inch from the earbud and the earbuds are smooth plastic that looks good and is comfortable to wear. During my use they did not cause any discomfort and did not fall out during walking or working in the home or office. For running you may want to look for a pair with wingtips which is my recommendation for all earbuds. The case holds a 480mAh battery and comes with a function button for pairing and USB type C.

Ease of use – The earbuds were easy to set up with the function button in the case and easy to use once set up, tap twice on the left bud to activate noise cancelling, tap the right bud twice to skip to the next track, tap either bud 3 times to activate your voice assistant. A solid tp is required and will ensure accuracy. When paired with an oppo phone you will also get the ability to remap the tap gestures. If you use them for 2 hours a day yur going to get 2 weeks use out of these bad boys.

W51 Thumbnail 1

Sound – You know what i always say, the Sound is subjective because my hearing is different to yours the sound may be influenced by your environment. This means they may sound or worse depending on your environment. However, The Enco W51 are offering a great experience and they are at that price where you would expect a level of quality, 7mm dynamic drivers coupled with a triple mic set up for noise reduction and low latency bluetooth transmission gives us a solid experience where sound quality isnt the only benefit. Picture this i’m sitting in my kitchen, guests over. I’m busy, I’m writing an article I have the Enco W51’s on, the kids are pissing me off. Double tap and it’s goodnight noise. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, what’s that? Yeah sure whatever.” This is the true meaning of happiness. Oh yeah and song of the week is “wanna be” by the Thundamentals.

W51 Thumbnail 2

The Oppo Enco W51’s are a great pair of headphones and offer style, flair and functionality. The sound is great for me, the Qi charging is great, The noise cancelling although isnt the most intense is good enough to zone the shitty world out and focus on your dreams.


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