The Dudios S5

True Wireless Earbuds V5.0

The Dudios S5 are a pair of true wireless earbuds designed for the active user. Some key specs that help get it over the line are

  • 12mm drivers
  • 800mAh in the case
  • IPx7
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Hooks for a secure fit


Design and build – so the Dudios S5 are a lightweight pair of earbuds made from plastic and designed for the active user. If you’re into any sort of fitness you know too well how frustrating it can be wearing earbuds that fall out once you start to get serious. Thankfully with the Dudios S5 they’re not going anywhere. The earhook simply hold them securely in place for peace of mind. The Tips are soft plastic and come in small, medium and large. The body of the earbuds does look rather large however once in place the bulk is not noticeable. The earhook is soft plastic and the closer you get to the base the harder the plastic gets. Each earbud has a 60mAh battery and lasts “up to 8 hours. The case holds 800mAh of charge however the trade off is a huge carry case that would fill one pocket as opposed to a pair of Galaxy Buds, Oppo Enco W51 or Apple Airpods. But you are getting then in at about 80% cheaper. One other point to consider is that they can rub a bit on the back of your ears after prolonged use. It’s not a deal breaker but i noticed it after a 1.5 hour run. Maybe i just have soft ears.

webshot 7

Ease of Use – Setting up the earbuds was quite simple. Open the case, they earbuds pair then enter pairing mode to pair with your phone. Tap on them in your bluetooth settings and you’re away. The instruction book also shows you what the tap settings are as they are hard to remember. But it’s like this

  • Double Tap to play pause
  • Double Tap to answer
  • Long press either to reject a call
  • Tap and hold on right to skip forwards 1 track
  • Tap and hold on the left to go back 1 track
  • Tap the right bud once – Volume up
  • Tap the left bud once – Volume down
  • Long press during a call to switch between 2 calls
  • Triple tap either to activate your voice assistant

Webshot 2

Sound – This is the area I think needs the most improvement. The Dudios S5 have some good sound they can cope with all genres but the low bass struggles the most out of the ranges. I enjoy listening to them but i can hear a definite difference in quality when switching from rock to rap or RnB. Mids are not bad and the highs are forgiving but the lows struggle. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad experience but it’s noticeable. Lets not forget this is the $40 pair of earbuds not $150. This sums up the sound, your device has an equalizer, play with it to adjust to your preferred levels.

Summing up we need to look at the whole deal here. $40 and you get a par if water resistant true wireless earbuds with a total of 920Mah battery, as secure fit and average sound use.
If you only have $40 bucks to spare then this is a pair you need to have in your basket of choices.



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