The Fujifilm GFX100S & the FUJINON GF80mmF1.7 R WR Lens

Well this is big, Fujifilm announced along with several other awesome products the GFX100S. This is a camera for the professional or very rich. Mere men like me can only dream. However it is worth knowing about as we all would love to shoot on this large format machine. 

Let’s look at some very enticing specs and explore this further. For me the love starts at 5 axis on body image stabilization giving you 6 stops of stabilization. Which is better than it’s predecessor and gives the photographer that extra room to play in handheld situations. 

To compliment the IBIS we have the large format sensor that runs on a quad core X processor 4 CPU and offers up 102MP and combined all this gives you greater depth of field, better low light results, dynamic range and faithful colour reproduction to name a few. Fujifilm are also boasting a new film simulation mode to offer that ever elusive nostalgia. 

The autofocus on large format offers a very competitive sensor coverage of almost 100% and gives the user the ability to focus in .018 seconds. This is quite impressive for large format photographers and sets itself apart from the competition. Even in low light settings the autofocus powered by the quad core X processor offers some pretty impressive performance. This and the ability to capture 64 frames per second with jpeg and 23 with compressed raw. 

Photo by Kristina Varaksina

To top of the specs side of this amazing large format camera is the design. This camera is amazing in look, size and appeal. It has a sharp yet refined look to it. Not overly cramped by buttons and dials. The LCD display on top offers a crisp yet practical array of information. The overall look is professional. Anyone discussing the design in a negative manner would surely be the ultimate whinger. 

Portrait photo by Kristina Varaksina

To compliment the release of the GFX100S is the new FUJINON GF80mmF1.7 R WR Lens. This is a lens designed for the professional and priced accordingly. (although the prosumer can be comfortable at this price as well). We have a f1.7 interchangeable for large format systems. This is being touted a sa world first by Fujifilm. The lens boasts 12 elements in 9 groups and offers one aspherical element and 2 super ED elements. The bokeh looking particular soft and creamy in the sample images i have seen so far. Then liens comes in at just under 800grams and has a convenient 77mm lens diameter. The lens paired with the GFX100S abilities offers autofocus not before seen on Large format systems. Coming in at $3449 bucks we are looking good. 


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