The Pamu Quiet Mini Review

OK Folks, I recently reviewed the Pamu Quiet earbuds by Padmate. Well today we are looking at the Pamu Quiet Mini. The smaller cuter pair of earbuds from Padmate. Disclaimer – i like them and let’s look at why. Firstly let’s get the specs out of the way first.

  • Latest Bluetooth – Version 5.2
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (Goodbye World)
  • In App Firmware Updates
  • Customisation of Tap Settings
  • QI Charging
  • USB Type C
  • Dual Master Use

Now that out of the way let’s look at the Build – From a distance these look like a smaller pair of apple airpods. I’m not gonna spin it any other way. However once you get up close they are distinctively their own brand. The minis are made of plastic which provides a light comfortable fit. Only 5.1 grams per bud. Simply select the right silicone tip from 6 different sizes and they will be secure and provide a snug fit. Easy to wear as well unlike wing tips which are my preferred for running however the minis don’t need manipulation to wear. During my use I did not experience any discomfort. These will stay in for light exercise but again for running long distance you will need to reconsider.

Ease of use – The Minis like their big brother are very easy to use and very friendly. Simply tap and connect the pamu quiet minis and you’re done. Download the Pamu Quiet App and in here you can set up what the tap inputs to work as you want them too. The customisation is refreshing. For example

  • One tap = Play Pause
  • 2 Taps = Skip Forward
  • Tap and Hold = call your assistant

The ANC modes are ANC on, ANC off and transparency. With ANC on it’s goodnight world. Although some frequencies still sneak through for the most part the 3 mics give a persuasive experience. ANC off you get some noise leak which you will get with any pair of earbuds and then transparency mode blocks out some frequencies and lets others in so you can still operate with some awareness of your surroundings.

Battery life is comparable with others in this price range and offers 18 hours of charge from the buds and case and with the QI charging you can get an extra hours use from 10 minutes of charge. That’s 3 full earbud charges per case charge.

Now for me I loved the sound of the Pamu Quiet and it’s the same for me on the Pamu Quiet Mini. The Sound is enjoyable, what could this be down too. Maybe the 10mm dynamic drivers, maybe the titanium composite diaphragm, maybe the fit, Maybe the ANC? I think it’s a combination of the above. I know that the lows are fun and the bass isn’t bottoming out like an old ford, the mids are pleasant and the highs don’t sound like a bunch of sheilas at a dinner party. I am happy to say that you can turn these up fairly loud and still get an enjoyable sound and they can’t be turned up too loud like some cheaper brands. The bluetooth 5.2 offers the high quality sounds with low energy use. Bluetooth 5.2 also offers Isochronous channels which basically means “occuring at the same time” so for me and you that means the transmission to each earbud is simultaneous. It’s freaking great. This is what they are talking about when they say “Dual Master”. This with low latency for gaming and media consumption completes the package.

The Pamu Quiet Mini are a bargain that offer quality sound and step up to the plate.


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