The Realme 7 5G is in – 5G for everyone

The realme 7 5G is out and it’s primed to offer 5G to the masses at an affordable price. Let’s look at some keys specs before we dive in to the full review.

  • 5G (Also supports LTE and HSPA and GSM
  • 120hz IPS LCD Display
  • 6.5 inch 1080p 
  • Mediatek dimensity 800U 5G chipset
  • 8GB Ram
  • 5000mAh with 30Watt Dart charging

Design and Build – The design is very  familiar to the realme 7 Pro at least in the design layout. The camera domino, the speaker, the headphone jack, The power button is on the same spot but on the Realme 7 5G it’s also the fingerprint scanner. Volume up and down and the sim card tray in an almost identical spot. The chassis looks identical to the 7 pro. However once it is in hand it feels different, it’s slightly bigger and slightly heavier and the branding is machined a little different. I love the realme 7 pro so i’m just as chuffed with the realme 7 5G. 

The Realme 7 5G is machined with no sharp edges and encases the large battery well to give a comfortable in hand feel

Software and Performance – So the realme 7 5G comes with Android 10 on deck, realme UI version 1.0 and December 2020 security patch at time of writing. The software has the usual reliability of the realme ui and is smooth as butter on that 120hz refresh rate. I particularly like being able to customize the software and make it feel like mine. The Performance with the mediatek dimensity 800U chipset has been fluid and reliable. Gaming is a piece of cake and again the 120hz refresh rate adds to the experience. The phone comfortably holds 6 apps in the background and scrolling through recent apps or long form apps is a breeze. We do need to talk about the performance of the 5g but a massive disclaimer here that a bad network provider should not reflect the phone. On the Telstra network in Australia I was getting steady speeds when close to a 5g tower. 

Camera – The camera on the Realme 7 5G is kind to the average user and top quality phone pics are in abundance in good lighting. Good saturation, fast shutter, wide angle and zoom functions, portrait mode. It’s got it all and it snaps a ripper pic for a phone. The video offers some good image quality and you can get the shots you need, especially on the phone. Let’s be real here we are reviewing a phone not a DSLR and no phone will do what a DSLR does. Phones are used these days for sharing online, usually with a crappy filter and once viewed once will never be seen again. The Realme 7 5G copes well here and is considered an over achiever.

Lenses on offer are

  • 48mp main sensor
  • 4cm Macro Lens
  • B&W Portrait lens

I think it’s important to soak in all the Realme 7 5G offers. 5G – In the game with the Mediatek Dimensity 800U chipset to keep you ahead of the competition. Super smooth 120hz This should now be mandatory, the difference is very noticeable. 5000mAh Battery – 2 days battery use, no ifs buts or maybes, it lasts the distance. 30w Dart charging – Time for a feed, time to charge the phone then you’re good for another 2 days. Dolby Atmos Audio – Great Audio is important in today’s world of media consumption, you will be grateful for the extra effort here. Quad Camera – It’s not just about slapping a good sensor in the chassis. The camera here offers purpose with macros, portraits and some good video specs. 8+128GB RAM and Storage combine to give you freedom to get the most out of your phone and have plenty of storage on hand.

Realme are coming for the big players and it’s probably time you took notice. 


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