Nanoleaf Essentials Range

Nanoleaf has always been a name synonymous with quality lighting products. Smart lighting products. The name has always been one tech reviewers and youtubers have always reviewed fondly and Rarely received negative criticism. 

The company has just released the Essentials Range which it says offer “a new line of smart bulbs and lightstrips that offer vivid whites and rich colors for your everyday lighting needs” So i get my hands on 1 of the lights, The A60 E27 bulb. The bulb is the entry level you want when it comes to smart bulbs. Before I talk more about the use and features of the buld let me just say that the Bulb is unique in style in a good way with pentagon shapes covering the whole bulb. I love the look. 

Setting the bulb up was one of the easiest set ups I have ever done. 

  1. Download the Nanoleaf app
  2. Create an account
  3. Plug in your bulb
  4. Open the app and tap the plus button to add a new bulb
  5. Select scan QR mode option
  6. Boom, it’s connected.

I am not exaggerating, it was that simple. Having the light set up that quickly was very refreshing and I would recommend the bulb purely based on that fact. 

The bulb comes with 16 million different colours enabling you to set the scene for any occasion whether it’s dusk to down with the circadian settings or making a room cyan or bright red. It also comes in 806 lumens which is plenty bright enough for a small room and is overdrive for an area of a room IE the hallway, the study desk, the coffee table.. 

The Bulb also offers custom schedules for the consistent and routine friendly home or individual. Circadian lighting meaning the light adjusts to the light outside as the days rolls from sunrise to sunset. 
Another great feature is being “thread enabled” meaning it’s super low latency and a more reliable connection. At time of writing it was heavily explained (like Apple HomePod mini) mentioned next to the word Thread. Or a compatible border router. So currently it is great for the Apple users. 

All in all the Essential range from Nanoleaf is a great step forward and offers an entry point to the brand of which may have been overlooked previously.

Aussies can now pick up the Essentials range from JB Hi-Fi, Amazon AU, Nanoleaf Australia, Kogan, and KG Electronics.


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