Oppo Dropping Earbuds Left Right and Centre

Oppo just announced the new Enco Range of earbuds. A budget for everyone and specs to match the price range. Let look at the bunch.

First we have the Enco Air – touted as the bass thumping with Deep Neurel Network Noise cancelling and dual microphones to pick up any sound. 12mm Drivers and bluetooth 5.2 for great sounding music and drop out free continuity. The battery is being marketed as 24 hours of total playback and 10 minutes of charge gives you 8 hours of playback. These also come with low latency game mode and are currently hitting the shelves at $149 bucks. Totally acceptable given the quality.

The Enco Air

2nd teir we have the Enco free 2 – now these are the pair that offer 42decibel noise cancelling. This is enough to totally lose yourself in the moment and forget your surroundings. Offering personalised sound boost through the associated app and triple mic noise cancelling for awesome in call experiences. This is a true transparency mode, enabling safe communtes and still getting to enjoy your surroundings. For battery life we are talking about a total of 30 hours of playback from the case and earbuds. Bluetooth 5.2 and low latecy for great immersive gaming expereinces.

Last but certainly not least we have the Oppo Enco X – The Dynaudio beasts, Dynaudio being a audio company that has been active since 1977 that Oppo are happy to put their brand behind. Now these also offer 4 types of noise cancelling. Oppo ar emaking a stance here and saying that these are made for Audiophiles, we all know thats risky business as audiophoiles cry like babies when they dont get what they want. The Enco X also offer Transparency mode, 11mm dynamic drivers, bluetooth 5.2, an impressive anto wind chanmber and hybrid anti noise cancelling. These are coming in at $349 buckaroonies and will not leave you disappointed.

All these can be found at the Opop store here https://www.oppo.com/au/accessories/oppo-enco-x/


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