The Pamu Z1 by Padmate

You may remember some time ago I reviewed the Pamu Quiet Mini by Padmate. Well here is their more refined cousin. The Pamu Z1. These headphones are definitely a quality pair of headphones and i’m going to go through why I think these stand out. We have a number of impressive specs that are expected at this price point. These being

  • Active noice cancellation (ANC)
  • Low Latency
  • Dual microphone noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 10mm PEN+ Titanium composite speaker
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • QI wireless charging

Now that the specs lets look at the real world use. First thing is the design. I really like the look. There are several options to choose from in colour and the middle band is swappable. It looks trendy and allows for some individuality. The case is slim in profile and is easy to carry in a pocket or bag. It has a clear piece of branding on the side that lights up when charging however it is a double edged sword as it catches on clothing when putting it in and out of pockets etc. The earbuds themselves come in 4 different sizes. I went for the largest and they are secure and comfortable. They actually stayed in while exercising and only needed to be readjusted twice on an average 5klm run. Make sure you change the right bud size though,

Sound is a pleasant experience, the lows are really pleasant. Yep the base was just right for my ears i thoroughly enjoyed it. The mids and highs were both just as pleasant to my ear. I couldn’t fault them. At about 80% of volume on my phone I started to notice distortion. This could be the phones or it could be the earbuds. This however is my experience and yours will vary. For the anc mode I noticed a definite change in the delivery of the sound when ANC is on. For example I write in my dining room and cannot hear the dishwasher when the ANC is on. I can still hear the neighbours dog however. This is within my expectations. The latency is true to it’s word and i noticed no delay in the sound while watching content or gaming. None to my eyes/ear.

Customisation is another point of the device i dind enjoyable. It’s easy to connect your phone and the app gives you the ability to change the tap settings, update the firmware and change the ANC loop mode. All in all these are a solid pair of earbuds that I would recommend. Alot of factors regarding earbuds are very personal and i would say your experience with them may differ. For me though it is a solid experience.


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