Oppo A17 review – Something Different

A new year a new Oppo device from the A series. This though could be slightly different. Well it is different. Let’s start with the design. Ultra Slim design with a premium leather feel. Yep Leather feel. Now we all know that leather is a good look and feel. It feels nice. The inner texture is embossed with a light leather grain and the outer texture is covered by a uv coating. It feels and looks good. 2 colours are lake blue and midnight black. I wish more companies tried to be different. It’s also thin and the camera lens resembles old records somehow. I like it.

Then we have the display and at this price there are some expectations. 60hz is one of them. but it’s also 88%screen to body ratio, 6.5 inch HD+ display. The display can go as low as 2 nits at night time and 600 during the day. Enough to get by in the daytime and eye care at night time. It’s a display you will be comfortable with. 

Now the camera is pretty sweet for the price here 

  • 50 megapixel rear facing cam
  • aperture f 1,8 
  • 5 megapixel front facing cam
  • hdr mode for high dynamic range 
  • portrait retouching which is algorithm built for removing blemishes and unwanted defects
  • dedicated portrait mode 
  • editing filters for photos and video

all these features work and work well as described. All in all it’s a point and shoot camera with some cool features and editing effects. 

Battery Life is awesome as well. Oppo seem to optimize there software and hardware equally well. We are talking 5000MaH and battery saver settings like super nighttime standby only losing 3% battery life overnight, Optimized charging for better long term battery life, and super power saving mode that kicks in when your at 10% to get you through a pinch. 

For performance we are looking at the Media Tek Helios g35 with 2.3ghz of CPU speed and 4gb ram we get enough power here to operate the phone effectively. light multi tasking and gaming is possible and RAM expansion giving you performance boosts when required. 

The A17 is a device that’s been built and designed with style, price and performance in mind. 


1 thought on “Oppo A17 review – Something Different

  1. Oppo and Poco (Mi) have been blasting it out the park with great “cheaper” handsets lately. Samsung’s mid range handset are some of the biggest sellers out there and they are rubbish compared to Oppo and Poco. Some many people are just spending too much on the high end kit when stuff this good is available.


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