Inbox, what inbox

Inbox, what inbox?

So 4 years ago google released a new version of email, it was supposed to be smarter, easier, more intuitive.Today Google announced that its winding it up and Gmail is going to be the go to email platform from Google. Which is not a bad thing for me, especially with all the Inbox features pretty much a part of gmail now anyway.

It looks like inbox served its time being an experimental place for new features, maybe it didnt start out this way, however this is how it has been described by Gmail Product Manager Matthew Izatt.

For me it was one of those apps other people spoke about and i thought i wasn’t cool enough and that by trying it and using it i might be somehow cooler. But every time i did i quickly retreated as the Gmail app simply worked better for me. I think i did this about once a year.

Anyhow Inbox by Gmail is done and dusted and will be finally thrown to the trash can by March 2019.


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