Choetech Fast Wireless charging stand,

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand,

Alright Tech Lovers today we are looking at one of the most value for money wireless chargers you can get. Choetech have sent me this fast wireless charger and The good new is i have asked Choetech if i can give this item away and they advised me that we can do a giveaway. Check the YouTube video to see how to win the Choetech Fast Wireless Charger

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Yeeah, I will tell you how to win in it later in the video, also there is links to amazon and ebay in the description below, these are affiliate links so if you buy one i will get a little slice.

OK enough small talk, let’s get into it. I’m going to start by saying straight up that the Choetech Wireless charger looks great, has a nice slim design, minimal branding, black color and little green LED light at the bottom that lets you know when its charging. Its quiet light and has a good angle so it quite easily turns your phone into a alarm clock if your phone has a version of always on display.

So if design and looks are important, the Choetech fast wireless charger looks great and is the right choice for you.

Spec wise we are looking at

  • A Micro usb charging port
  • Input of 5v/2amp and 9v/1.8amp
  • Output 10w
  • Its compatible with Qi enabled smartphones
  • Has 2 coils built in
  • A LED light that doesn’t ,light up the whole room when sleeping
  • And boasts over charging and overheating protection.

Now it doesn’t come with a charging brick however the usb can be plugged into any charging brick with USB Type A connection.

Does it charge quickly, that’s the key question right, well the answer is yes. It charged for 15 minutes and moved up 8% with a case on, using the micro usb cable that came in the box and a Samsung Adaptive Fast charging wall plug.

But for me it’s about not having to fiddle around in the dark trying to find the whole!!! Just sit it in the dock and go to sleep. Thats why i really love wireless charging and that why a wireless charger cannot have to many bright lights. I recently bought one from a retailer here for 20 bucks and it was so bright i couldn’t stand it and unplugged it after 5 minutes.

Does it work through other cases? Well it works on thin cases. The Ringke Fusion X case it worked through and it worked with the generic case that came with the phone. However it wouldn’t work with heavy duty cases.

To sum it all up it is a wireless fast charger im happy to use at night when i don’t want to fumble around for a hole. Nice design, easy set up, fast charging, minimal and safe to use.


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