BT Wear PowerPods

 The BT PowerPods are a fresh new pair of BT 5.0 earpods. They have been on the market for a couple of months and I have been using them for about a week. My first impression was good. I mean there is an abundance of cheap headphones on the market and they feel cheap. But not the Powerpods by BT Wear.


Design – As soon as I opened them I could tell they were better than some more recent ones I have tried. The case had a nice rubbery feel to it with some gold colored trims on the front and back of the powerpod case. There is some more branding on the pods as well and none of the branding is offensive or overbearing. The pods come with 4 sets of ear molds and a USB c able, A couple of things to note here in spec land.

  1. They are Bluetooth 5.0
  2. They are USB type c

These are two basic specs low to midrange earphones usually leave out, at least one of them if not both A couple of more specs:

  • 10mm drivers
  • 450mAh Batter
  • 40 hours of playback
  • Touch control
  • IPX 5 Water Resistance
  • Twin Mode – Use 1 at a time or both or share (yuck)


Ease of Use – For me pairing was easy, open the case and remove the right earphone, enter pairing mode on your phone, once you see the power pods name in your list of devices to connect to then simply tap on it and you will be connected. Once you are using them it is still fairly easy.

  • Tap once to pause or play. Either earpiece
  • Tap twice on the right to skip forwards
  • Tap twice on the left to skip backwards
  • Hold your finger on for 2 seconds to ignore a call When the phone is ringing
  • Tap once to answer a call
  • Hold for 2 seconds to trigger your assistant

Sound So let’s look at the usual. Overall Volume, Mids, Lows and Highs.

Overall sound is pleasant most of the time, Overall volume get to loud at 75%. I know people struggle with this concept but we all need to protect our ears. At above this level they were to loud and started to lose some quality. We all know that familiar sound when a speaker is to loud for it’s own good, well there is a little bit of that here. But from low level to the 75% mark i found the sound to be fairly pleasant. Lows/Base are represented fairly well and I could enjoy some nice basey tunes whilst wearing them. For me lows sounded best at about 50%, Mids are well balanced throughout all use and this held together fairly well right through to about 75 percent. This brings me to the highs and found these fairly pleasant and consistent right through to about 60 to 70 percent volume. Now this is subject to many factors

  1. What i’m listening to
  2. Do i adjust the equalizer
  3. What player/device am i using
  4. How good/bad is my hearing
  5. My environment

Please consider all these things when buying testing or watching reviews.

Best case use for the BTWear PowerPods – Travel to and from work on buses, trains etc. At home or work whilst doing some light activities or looking to block out some sounds etc. Not suited for heavy exercise or repeated physical activity. Overall these are a decent buy for the price. They do need some improvement but they aren’t too bad and for the price you can’t expect or get to much more.

Top Reasons to buy

  1. 40 hours of playback from 1 case
  2. The Look of the product, they look pretty good.
  3. The comfort, I didn’t get any discomfort while wearing these
  4. Good Sound for the price

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