S167 GPS Drone

S167 GPS Drone

So what do you actually get for 100 bucks in the drone world? Can you even get off the ground for 100 bucks?

Well you can, but it’s not all beer and skittles. The s167 can be bought on Amazon and if you search for it on youtube there isn’t much going in terms of review. There is one that is not filmed with the drone itself but they make out it is filmed by the drone and it’s a blatant con job.

Today we will expose the good and the not so good of this cheap Drone and all it’s 100 dollar glory.

In the box i got the drone, the controller, 2 charging cables. 1 for the controller and 1 for the batteries of which there were 3 1300mAh and in total these gave me about 45 minutes of flight time. There was also some spare propellers and a screwdriver

The first section is the build quality. To be blunt about this it was like picking up a RC car from kmart, the same sort of weight and plastic feeling. You know this thing is cheap. In saying that i have crashed it 5 times already and it has not broken once. The crashing has been to 2 reasons, the first is the drone flying where it wants to and not where i tell it the other is my stupidity, where a crash it into the ground. Woopsie. So the build is a tough one. Some other areas for concern, one the battery is charged via their own charging usb stick with many warnings about leaving it unattended and not using separate cables to the ones that came in the box. There is a separate charger for the controller to the batteries. So it’s sorta like this

Plastic plastic plastic plastic.

Ease of use – This is not user friendly, it took 3 days for the app to download from the app store, I emailed support and think that this pushed through some last minute support as the next day the download worked. Once I got it downloaded it took me about 35 minutes to go through all the steps to get it into flight mode. Once it is working it is a pretty basic use scenario. Up down left right rotate, Now it’s not accurate as it takes a bit longer than it should to pull up and doesn’t fly in a straight line and needs some finessing to get some stable flying.

Camera quality and stabilisation

The packaging and advertising are misleading, it states on the box that a 4k image is capable and this is true. Unfortunately for video it is a 720p video and it looks so bad I nearly cried. There is also the problem that the image has the 2 front propellers in it. Man that’s bad, so so bad. Not if it was giving 1080p footage with no propellers you could almost excuse everything else. Oh the stabilisation is non existent. I really don’t know what else to say. The footage it that bad. If you needed a quick video or photo. And it was for picture quality then it might do the trick but if you want any quality in the video or image then no, do not buy this. It did have a follow me feature that actually worked. It also has waypoint features but to be honest once I looked at the image I lost all interest in this thing.

Overall experience was a poor one with a lot of frustrations. I was surprised by its ability not to die given that I crashed it five times and my 7 year old daughter and I had fun chasing each other with it. I would not use it for anything else really purely due to the horrendous image quality.


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