The Oppo Reno4 Z Review

Reno phones come out quickly these days and it’s hard to keep track however there is always a point of difference for each one. Let’s look at what makes the Reno4 Z different and if it’s right for you.

Spec wise there are some real surprising bump ups.

  • 8gb ram
  • 128gb storage
  • 48mp camera
  • Wide angle camera
  • Macro camera
  • 16mp front camera
  • 120hz refresh rate
  • Headphone jack

So why the lower price than the Reno4? Some of the hardware is the cheaper variants. That’s it. Gorilla glass 3, mediatek chipset, camera sensors are different. LCD instead of amoled, Video capabilities are a little bit inferior. But in the day to day how does this play out?

Build and design – I honestly think the display looks great and the refresh rate adds to a fluid experience. Nice deep blacks and it feels responsive. For me the 6.5 inch display is a little big as I am quite active and running or cycling or hiking. I prefer a smaller device. For you couch potatoes that stare at your phones for hours and hours you are going to enjoy this bigger display. I can’t comfortably use this with 1 hand however I have smaller hands. Take the size out of the equation and everything else hits the sweet spot. It looks and feels amazing.

Software and Performance – The Reno4 Z is one of these mid range phones that punches above its weight. Price wise it’s not even mid range. Heck the Iphone 12 ProMax is $2369 in Australia and the Reno4 Z is 599 on it’s worst day.. Hang about i got distracted, the software on the Reno4 Z is currently android 11 with Nov security patch, there are some nice android features here and the ColourOS version 11 has its own distinct look and feel. Thanks to the 8gm ram and the mediatek 6873 chipset performance is fast, the feeling is especially smooth thanks to that 120hz refresh rate and there are the Oppo customisation features that get better and better with time. Gaming and watching media was enjoyable with no obvious frame rate issues. Winning in PUBG is always easier when you have a stable device. Multi tasking is easy and works well when i go between light room, messages an instagram. It holds up well thanks to the 8gb of ram.

Camera time – The rear camera is a quad camera boasting 48mp, 8mp ultra wide, macro and depth sensors. Straight out of camera the pics are good enough for phone use and sharing with friends and family via whatsapp or any other sharing platform. There is beauty mode, HDR mode, AI mode where it detects your scene and adjusts in camera for the best results. The is a 599 camera and delivers on it’s price tag.

Video – 4k 30fps second, 1080p 30fps second, Ultra Stable mode. The video here is good enough for the Tik Tokkers and people creating stories left right and centre. Video is over saturated but enjoyable and great for sharing straight to your favourite app.

Battery – The battery is 4000mAh and gets you through 1 day on the 120hz refresh rate. No more no less. Unless like i mentioned you’re a lazy slob that does nothing but stare at your phone. On 60hz mode you will get nearly 2 full days and with 18w fast charging quick top ups are always an option. 15 minutes in the car, 15 minutes while you’re eating dinner. No issues with the battery.

5G is here as well. This is dependent on the provider and your location so my opinion on this is mute. But it has 5G and if you have access to this then it’s happy days for you.

All in all the Oppo Reno4 Z is a delightful device for the price and one you can not judge. Like i said earlier if you compare it to $2000 phones well then whinge whinge whinge. But this is a ball tearer for this price point.


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