The Oppo Reno4 5G Review

Most of the time another smartphone comes out and we barely trn a head these days and it’s hard to keep up with all the phones offering great amounts of ram and decent chipsets, of a big battery and a nice display but rarely do we see great mid range phones that kick butt in most if not all areas. Enter the spotlight the Oppo Reno 4 5G.

First of all specs don’t make a phone but for all you spec freaks check this list

  • Snapdragon 765g
  • 8gb ram
  • 128gb storage
  • Amoled display
  • 48mp camera
  • Only 7.8 grams
  • 32mp selfie camera
  • 65watt Vooc Charging
  • Dual 5G sim

It’s a beast, a stylish beast, a classy beast and easy to hold beast, a responsive beast.

Build and Design – Glass on the front and the back, the phone looks great, the 3 cameras don’t look out of place and it also has an in display fingerprint sensor which acts as a backup for the ridiculously fast face unlock. The small cut out for the dual front cameras is not intrusive like some can be and i would describe it as petite. The device is very easy to hold and not slippery despite the glass body. Frosted glass on the back and only 7.8mm thick.The display is very enjoyable to watch, copes well in direct sunlight, The design and build is very enjoyable.

Software and Performance – No Glitches, no freezes, no forced restarts. Android 11, colour OS 11, a Snapdragon 765G, 8Gb of ram and a Andreno 620. All this adds to a great experience. The Colour OS experience is android enough these days and you can customise it to work as you would your pixel device or your samsung. The skin is a little different but the experience is android. Security version is currently Nov 2020 and this was written in December 2020. Multitasking is easy and the device keeps up with demand whether it’s work or play. Gaming is a breeze for me and i tested PUBG, Asphalt 9 and Leos Fortune.

Camera – Now there is a lot of hooha about the cameras from Oppo, we are looking at the main lens is a 48mp sony sensor, then 8mp wide and 2 mp macro. Some other notable settings are night mode, portrait mode and in video we get 4k 30, 1080p 30and 60 and slomo that shoots in 1080p as well. The pictures in daylight are exceptional and I would be happy if this was my daily driver. Video is very stable and clear. The images and video were also sharp and the depth sensor allows for good portraits and out of focus backgrounds. The front facing camera is good as well however like most of these 32mp front facing cameras tend to blow out the highlights on portrait shots. I’m not sure why they do this but it is a common problem. The front facing camera gets the job done for the selfie focused group but the rear camera is what you should be using for best results. It’s awesome.

Battery – This is exceptional, I get a full 30 hours of use out of it and only charge it for an hour in the morning before work. That super vooc charging is the real deal. A full charge in 36 minutes. Amazing. Simply Amazing. The battery charging is a form of wizardry which might be helped by the fact that there are 2 batteries in this phone. 2 2020mAh batteries.

Main pros of the Reno 4

  • Battery Charge time and usage
  • Camera
  • Software experience


  • Fingerprint scanner – should be on the back
  • Refresh rate could be 90hz – given the Reno4 Z is 120hz

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