Blueant XT100 Soundbar

Blueant have hit into the soundbar market with the XT100. I was impressed on a few levels with the XT100. The first being the ease of use. To get there though i had to check out the contents. 

  1. The speaker
  2. A AUX cable
  3. A hdmi cable
  4. Power Cable
  5. Mounting screws
  6. Mounting brackets
  7. A remote control
  8. 2 batteries

Great to get a couple of cables. If you want t use Optical you need to supply your own, 

The capabilities are

  • 2.0 channel with Dolby atmos
  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • 1 Optical input
  • USB playack
  • Coaxial 
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Dolby Atmos 1.7
  • 50w output or RMS x 2 100w
  • Made of plastic and a metal grill.

The design is simple yet it works, block glossy look, and some nice rubber feet to hold off and shake or vibration that may come from the extra awesome volume tht the xt100 pumps out. There is some Blueant and Dolby branding on the front grill

There is an LED that tells you the following 

  • Connection Type
  • Volume LEvel
  • Bass and Treble
  • Modes – Voice, Sport, Music and Movie
  • Dimmer brightness with three levels

Setting up was easy, i used a optical cable i had ling around but the hdmi is just as good. Plug and Play. It was that easy. What about the bluetooth i hear you say! Well just as easy. Press the bluetooth toggleon the remote, scan for a new device on your smartphone. Tap on Blueant XT100 and boom. A piece of cake. Super duper easy peasy. 

Now what about the sound – I’m getting a full sound experience from this speaker. I have been using the hisence 2.1 channel sound bar and the Blueant wipes the floor with it. I am at comfortable listening for general tv with the volume on level 5 out of 32 levels. It is a baller. The sound is the same playing through my google TV through Amazin Prime, Netflix, Youtube, Binge or any other. As for the sound modes i’m easily able to tell a difference between the 4 and actually enjoy choosing the one that suits my needs. 

The sound is loud and i can adjust the bass and treble when required as well. Plus or minus 5 respectively. 

I can assure you if they ask for this back i’m going to pretend it got lost in the post. 


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